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My son's first kiss? and a love note from my great-grandfather

I think I may have missed my 7-year-old son's first kiss....

Imagine my surprise this morning, when my wife found a folded up note on the kitchen counter which read,

"I am sory for kissing you Braden."

It sure does not look like my 4-year-old daughter's handwriting, and I doubt Braden's older brothers would be involved.


The funny part - it's Valentine's Day today!

This reminded me of a love letter that my great-grandfather sent to his future wife in 1907:


Quite the contrast, eh? My great-grandfather was 17 years old at the time though.

So...what would a good father do? Should I talk with my 7-year-old, spy on him, or see how it all plays out?


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See how it all plays out. He's only 7.

Give him a big smooch and tell him you love him when he gets home! :)

Maybe, he wants to talk about it. After all, maybe he was the one to leave the note on the table for you to find.....?

Is it written in Braden's handwriting, couldn't it be from him to someone else?

We figured out the story. A week ago or so a girl in his glad did kiss him - on the ear. Her teacher made her write the note. All is well though. Cute kids.

How fun! I'm curious as to how you're planning to add it to Legacy Family Tree and what the citation will look like for the note. Thanks for sharing about your family with us.

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