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Genealogy at a music concert

What does a piano and a cello have to do with genealogy? A lot more than I thought.

My wife and I attended The Piano Guys concert last week in Boise, Idaho. Being both a pianist and a cellist myself, I love the music these guys produce. Their YouTube videos have brought them attention around the world. (My favorite video is here.)

Anyways, during the concert, Steven Sharp Nelson (the cellist) started talking genealogy. I don't remember his exact words, but they went something like this:

"I've recently begun my genealogical research. After looking into the genealogy of my cello and the genealogy of John's piano, I've found that they share a common ancestor - the TREE!"

I thought it was cute...and it gives me a little bit of pride whenever I hear someone talk genealogy. It's music to my ears.


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I love the Piano Guys! I listen to their music a lot while I'm working on my genealogy. :)

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