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Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed - Q/A, new Tagging options, and other surprises

In less than one day, the Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed article became the most-read article I have ever written. Either my writing style is getting better, or you really enjoyed the topic.

You asked lots of questions, gave some suggestions, and we've already implemented one enhancement because of them (I'll show you below). Below I will try to respond to some of the most popular questions.

Why will there be a charge to upgrade to version 8?

Within a numbered version, like Legacy 7, all of the minor updates are free. In fact, we released two major Legacy 7 updates for free in the past couple of years.

To thank our Legacy Deluxe customers, when upgrading to a new numbered edition, (like v6 to v7, or v7 to v8) we will continue to provide discounted pricing to upgrade. We would love to give away everything for free, like our free standard edition, the free updates, the free webinars, the free support, and more. I, too, love free! If we didn't have to eat, upgrade our older computers, or pay any bills, we could probably afford to never request the modest upgrade fee when we release a major new edition.

Will I still be able to customize my own colors?

Yes. Although one of the minor new features, we have done a lot to enhance the color customization choices, but we still need to have a default color scheme. Thanks for the thousands of votes you cast! In the end, the polling resulted in a nearly-identical 50-50 split. Half liked the vintage theme (my favorite) and half liked the blue theme.

Just today our developers showed me a new screen they developed as a result of your comments. When you are installing the v8 upgrade, you will be presented with a screen asking you which color scheme you would like to start with. It will show you what each will look like. Pretty cool, huh?

6-13-2013 2-35-54 PM

I loved how much interest you showed in the colors. I can't wait to see your response when I actually write about the really cool new features coming.

Where did tagging go?

Not to worry, it didn't go anywhere. In the article's images I simply had tagging turned off. In fact, we've listened to your requests and made it even better! Here is what the tagging choices in the Family View look like in version 7:

6-13-2013 3-15-31 PM

Here is what they look like in version 8:

6-13-2013 3-18-27 PM

Can I hear a "Hallelujah"? I know...something so small...but so many of you have asked to be able to view all 9 tags at once. They will still be turned "off" by default, but can still be turned on in the program's preferences.

It gets even better.

Now when you open the Advanced Tagging screen (yep, tagging's a little more advanced), you will immediately see how many people are tagged on each level. No more guessing and hoping or searching before you can start tagging. Tag a person and the count is instantly updated. I love it!

6-13-2013 3-24-42 PM

What about FamilySearch Family Tree?

If all went as planned, we turned in our FamilySearch integration software to FamilySearch earlier today to begin its certification process. It will be available to everyone (not just the beta test group) when version 8 is released, or even sooner (I don't know yet).

Will the Families app still work with Legacy 8?

Families is the app that runs Legacy on your Apple or Android mobile devices. I received confirmation from the Families developer yesterday that it will indeed work with Legacy 8. Watch a webinar on using Families here.

What will the Color Coding look like with the new color schemes?


That's all I'm going to say right now because I've got an entire future article saved just for the new color coding enhancements. Here's what it looks like in version 7:

6-13-2013 3-36-42 PM

To learn more about the color coding, watch Mary Hill's webinar here. Mary, too, is really excited about the new color coding options in version 8.

Okay, here's a hint. Like lots of you have requested, you will be able to have two starting points (one set of colors for you and one for your spouse). That's all I'm going to write about it right now (I'm getting hungry and this article is getting long).

Stay tuned for more!


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I love some of the changes, especially the new tagging. I have so often wished I could see more than three. I also love the ability to see from tagging just exactly how many people are tagged. Much quicker than doing a search and creating a list. Thank you!

Ok, I am looking forward to the new version of Legacy 8. I have ordered my ink, toner, and reams of paper waiting to print the new user's manual.

Is all the Version 7 training cds and other training material still be viable or do us faithful users of Legacy have to purchase new products?

Change is good and I agree, it comes at a price and time to adjust.
Legacy has been more than faithful back to its customers, and I will continue to support the company, and the people that support our questions and concerns. Keep up the good work!

Looking good, can not wait for the release :)

Jim - the existing training CDs can still be used, but I'm working on republishing them. It's been 5 years since volume 1 and longer than that for volume 2 so they need updating anyways.

With the new tag option I'm in heaven. Yes, Millennia, v8 is on my "buy" list! Thank You!

WOO HOO! Being able to see all 9 tags was on my wish list!

Looking great! Can't wait until its release. Thanks to everyone involved. Thanks

Hallelujah for the tagging upgrades! Looking forward to syncing with FamilySearch Family Tree. Icing on the cake would be if Legacy were the first to sync source notes.

Geoff, I think you have been reading my mind! Did your move to Idaho make that possible?? Just this morning I was doing some tagging and wishing I could see all of the tags. That was followed by changing the color coding to refer to my husband's family instead of mine while I did a bit of work on it - all the while wishing I could color code both independently and just leave it. I don't care what else gets upgraded - I'm already sold! I can't wait!!

And being able to see and verify if, and how many people are using a tag #,
will save a step searching to see if a tag is being used.
Thanks, Legacy people!

I am so looking forward to the new version. There are a lot of "little" things that kind of bugged me with 7.5 but I love it enough to recommend it to all the people that I have worked with as Family History Consultant. This is one of the easiest programs that I have ever worked with and I have been a Family Historian for 50 years.

I have made excuse after excuse NOT to switch over to Legacy (yes, I DO have problems with change), but it seems that I may have run out of excuses. New version, new chapter in my family research. Seems no time like the present; time to make the leap!

I would like a feature to add many people at once, like adding/linking parents and children in the same screen. It would save alot of time when adding many people.

still wonder if pictures and data will be together as one or like it is now 2 separate places hard to put on different computer with data and pictures together

Thanks Geoff, Excited at the prospect but as yet you make no mention of the operating system, Windows 7 or 8 - perhaps progress & joined "Apple"???
Best wishes and thanks.Godfrey

I purchased Legacy 4 way back when. Would I be able to transfer all of that data into Legacy 8 easily? Thanks.

Charles - we've done a lot with enhancing pictures, relinking, gathering, etc. To be written about....

Godfrey - it will work fine in either Windows 7 or 8, plus the earlier versions also.

Lennie - yes, it will transfer fine into Legacy 8.

I'm, so excited about seeing all 9 tags but even more excited with the tease about one set of colors for my line and another for my husband's. I already do that in my paper files. I will be so happy to have my husband's line finally color coded too. Awesome!

Any chance that the "File / Open..." is being expanded to show the last 10 (or more) files that have been used, rather than the current limitation of four please?

Do I have to buy Legacy 8 in order to Sync with FamilySearch Family Tree? Or will the FamilySearch updates still work with Legacy 7?

MH - yes, this has been expanded.

Michelle - I'm not sure about this yet. Although it will be included in the free standard edition of whichever version it ends up in.

Hi Geoff,

Next Idea: Able to link a picture to multiple people. So you have a family portrait with 6 people in it. It would be nice to just choose the names of the 6 people linked to that picture and add them all at the same time, rather than having to choose each person one at a time. It would make linking Census records a breeze

Now if I could hover over Tag #1 and see something like "Geoff's Direct Line" or "Geoff's Direct Line (9086)" to remind me exactly what I used Tag #1 for, that would be pretty great! Version 8 sounds super, I'm looking forward to the upcoming teasers and even more to the actual program. Count me in!

Dave - you can already do this via the Picture Center.

What about more choices for printing descendants and ancestor lists, books, etc.?

Sherril - really good idea. I'll see if we can make it happen.

Carl - there's new reports too! To be written about soon....

Love, love, love Legacy and have through 2 major upgrades! Don't normally like change, but am greatly looking forward to version 8, and don't mind having to purchase. You have been more than accommodating to us long time users with all your free updates. Thanks to everyone who made this possible

Ok now Geoff - you are a tease and keeping us in suspense for a while longer but in the end I am certain we will all upgrade and enjoy every little and big improvement as promised. Just keep posting these tidbits to keep us on pins and needles.

Hoping we can use more than 4 colors OR that applied colors on some branches are NOT cleared when applying colors to other branches. For example, I use the 4 colors on MY 4 lines, but two other colors for my husband's lines. Hope the developers listened way back when, when I first suggested how much better it would be that way. Thanks.

Paula - you'll be able to use either 4 or 8 colors for your first group, and either 4 or 8 colors for your second group.

Did I miss the planned release date? Regards, Mick

Mick - look back to the first "Legacy 8 Revealed" article for information on its release date. Here's the link: http://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2013/06/legacy-family-tree-8-revealed.html

Geoff--what will be the upgrade price from 7.5 to 8? THANKS for a great software package!

I love hearing about two starting points! That will make mine a lot easier:) THANKS!

Father Bob - while we have not yet announced the upgrading pricing, it will probably be comparable to the existing upgrade pricing as described at http://www.legacyfamilytreestore.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=2

I'm glad you're including Mary Hill's lesson on color coding system for Family History. It's an excellent guide to organizing and staying organized in FH. I've used it for years and it really helps to keep things straight.

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