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Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed - Q/A, new Tagging options, and other surprises

In less than one day, the Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed article became the most-read article I have ever written. Either my writing style is getting better, or you really enjoyed the topic.

You asked lots of questions, gave some suggestions, and we've already implemented one enhancement because of them (I'll show you below). Below I will try to respond to some of the most popular questions.

Why will there be a charge to upgrade to version 8?

Within a numbered version, like Legacy 7, all of the minor updates are free. In fact, we released two major Legacy 7 updates for free in the past couple of years.

To thank our Legacy Deluxe customers, when upgrading to a new numbered edition, (like v6 to v7, or v7 to v8) we will continue to provide discounted pricing to upgrade. We would love to give away everything for free, like our free standard edition, the free updates, the free webinars, the free support, and more. I, too, love free! If we didn't have to eat, upgrade our older computers, or pay any bills, we could probably afford to never request the modest upgrade fee when we release a major new edition.

Will I still be able to customize my own colors?

Yes. Although one of the minor new features, we have done a lot to enhance the color customization choices, but we still need to have a default color scheme. Thanks for the thousands of votes you cast! In the end, the polling resulted in a nearly-identical 50-50 split. Half liked the vintage theme (my favorite) and half liked the blue theme.

Just today our developers showed me a new screen they developed as a result of your comments. When you are installing the v8 upgrade, you will be presented with a screen asking you which color scheme you would like to start with. It will show you what each will look like. Pretty cool, huh?

6-13-2013 2-35-54 PM

I loved how much interest you showed in the colors. I can't wait to see your response when I actually write about the really cool new features coming.

Where did tagging go?

Not to worry, it didn't go anywhere. In the article's images I simply had tagging turned off. In fact, we've listened to your requests and made it even better! Here is what the tagging choices in the Family View look like in version 7:

6-13-2013 3-15-31 PM

Here is what they look like in version 8:

6-13-2013 3-18-27 PM

Can I hear a "Hallelujah"? I know...something so small...but so many of you have asked to be able to view all 9 tags at once. They will still be turned "off" by default, but can still be turned on in the program's preferences.

It gets even better.

Now when you open the Advanced Tagging screen (yep, tagging's a little more advanced), you will immediately see how many people are tagged on each level. No more guessing and hoping or searching before you can start tagging. Tag a person and the count is instantly updated. I love it!

6-13-2013 3-24-42 PM

What about FamilySearch Family Tree?

If all went as planned, we turned in our FamilySearch integration software to FamilySearch earlier today to begin its certification process. It will be available to everyone (not just the beta test group) when version 8 is released, or even sooner (I don't know yet).

Will the Families app still work with Legacy 8?

Families is the app that runs Legacy on your Apple or Android mobile devices. I received confirmation from the Families developer yesterday that it will indeed work with Legacy 8. Watch a webinar on using Families here.

What will the Color Coding look like with the new color schemes?


That's all I'm going to say right now because I've got an entire future article saved just for the new color coding enhancements. Here's what it looks like in version 7:

6-13-2013 3-36-42 PM

To learn more about the color coding, watch Mary Hill's webinar here. Mary, too, is really excited about the new color coding options in version 8.

Okay, here's a hint. Like lots of you have requested, you will be able to have two starting points (one set of colors for you and one for your spouse). That's all I'm going to write about it right now (I'm getting hungry and this article is getting long).

Stay tuned for more!


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Wow - a software company that listens to its users. Is that too cool or what? (A certain giant should take notice.) The improvements sound exciting and will make it easier to keep lines separate, especially the changes mentioned regarding tags and colors. I like the suggestion about identifying a tag by hovering over it. Hope we don't have to wait too much longer!

I would love a feature I've suggested for years, but which hasn't yet been implemented. It is to provide for the use of a password to open a database.
I have decades of genealogical research in Legacy, and I do back it up regularly. However, if someone used my computer (perhaps an errant grandchild) and played with Legacy, any changes made would not be evident when I next started Legacy. My data would be corrupted and I wouldn't even know it.

Please add this feature as an option.

Tagging alway sounded wonderful until I tried it. I could not just print only the tagged line. Ex. I want to show my grandson back to a certain partiot. I was unable to use tagging to do it. It was the whole group of ancestors or none. I hope tagging can be used with printing soon.

Marianne - you can already do this with tagging. See the article at http://news.legacyfamilytree.com/legacy_news/2006/07/pedigree_chart_.html for instructions.

A comment was added above that it would be nice to add many people at once. I would second that request, specifically useful when you run across a note indicating that a husband and wife had 13 children with no further detail. Having the ability to add those 13 children quickly with no male vs. female indication (with the same source applied to all) would at times be very useful.

Will there be a discount for multiple purchases of v8? I have purchased 8, and given 7 as presents. The recipients also love the program, so I think they will upgrade for themselves. 9 tags displayed - WOOHOO!!! Two starting points - a bigger WOOHOO!!! Legacy users have dreamed about these changes. I am eagerly anticipating learning about more of the new bells and whistles.

Pamela - I'm unsure right now about the multiple copies discount.

Thanks for all the new enhancements and listening to our comments!

On the colors issues, According to my eye doctor, more and more people over the age of 40 are having contrasting problems. For instance, we can't have Blue Background with Blue printing, not enough contrast. So if we could make the print bold or darker to help with the contrasting problems, that would be very helpful!

My top three requests for Legacy 8 is for it to be able to do the following:

1. sync with an app (e.g. mobile phone and/or tablet) Note: The Families app does not (I've read) show the To Do List, which is one of the main reasons I'd like an app.
2. be able to create an Event once and assign it to all people it applies to.
3. merge Basic master sources with SourceWriter master sources

Just throwing this out there.
Thanks. Jenny

It seems I'm not using version7 to the fullest....all these upgrades and i'm still like... Wow I didn't know it could do that to begin with!

Legacy is my all time favourite and even though I have been using it for years, I just keep finding new tricks I didn't know before. I always recommend it to my friends.

I use it to produce HTML files to upload to my website so I hope that function will still be available or enhanced. It is quite essential to my genealogy for this reason.

Woohoo - Bring it on. :)

I think I started with Legacy 3 and have always been willing to pay for major upgrades and feel it has been worth it.

One of my favourite up grades was the introduction of the ability to make and save my own colour schemes.

I love the idea of having two starting points.

Will we be able to add more than one picture/document at a time in sourcing et al? I asked for this 2 years ago and was told it would be included in one of the past updates, but it wasn't. :-(

Steve - you are able to add multiple pictures to a source. If you are using the Source Clipboard, add as many as you want, and then with one click, the citation and its accompanying pictures are linked to the person's events.

Jenny - the Families app does show the To Do List. It's on the Individual's Information screen. It will also provide the ability to share an event with others.

Would love to see support for witnesses in 8.

All I can say is "YEAH"! I can't wait for this to happen. This is a wonderful, exciting Record Manager Program. Thank you, thank you!

Claus - good suggestion. It'll be there.

One new feature that would save me a ton of time is having not one source stored on the source clipboard, but 2 or 3. Seems you are always needing to duplicate a few sources from the father onto his children or wife as you add them. For instance, you may create a male and have sources for marriage and a census where you found him, then need to apply both those source citations to his wife when you add her.

Jonathan - version 8 will let you have up to 5 sources on the Source Clipboard.

Hi Legacy folks,
Great to see those other tags in the Family View. Hurry and finish L. 8. Have credit card in hand.

Is there any chance of having another color option for islands??
It would be nice to see quickly if a person is unlinked or not.

Ann - you can currently use tagging (pick your own color) to designate if an individual is linked/related or not.

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