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Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed

It's time to start unwrapping the newest edition of our Legacy Family Tree software - version 8 - but just a little at a time. This will be the first of many articles showing some of Legacy's coming features. I'll start with some of the smaller features and work my way up to revealing the really cool new stuff.

Today I'll begin by showing some of the main Legacy 8 screens, which have not changed a whole lot but when you see them, I am certain you will enjoy the refreshing look of the modern touches we have added.

Both the Family View and the Pedigree View have had a face-lift...



...but we are still trying to decide which color scheme to go with. Which do you like, the "Vintage" color scheme above or the "Blues" color scheme below? Click here to cast your vote.



New Ribbon

Did you notice the new Ribbon at the top? We "stole" it from our Legacy Charting software that you have enjoyed so much. Now it is easier to find the right tools for the job.


Having the new Ribbon also gives you a lot more room on the screen. Collapsing it (by double-clicking on it) hides the buttons...


...and really cleans up the interface.

Did you also notice the new "4" and "5" buttons in the upper left of the Pedigree View. Now it is easier to change between displaying 4 or 5 generations at a time.


That is certainly not everything new in these views. Those with really good eyes probably noticed the __________, the new __________, the new __________, and the new __________. I'll write about them in the articles to come. What else did you notice?

So there you have it - some of the smaller of the new Legacy 8 features revealed. But to me, it's always been the small things in Legacy that have made me so happy.

When will Legacy 8 be released?

Since I've now opened the can of worms, I'll answer the most-anticipated question first. There's more than one truthful answer to this:

  • I'm not really sure, but probably before the end of the year, and hopefully way before then
  • When it has been thoroughly tested by our development team and beta testers

But if you are considering downloading either the free or deluxe editions of Legacy, don't wait! Any purchases of Legacy 7.5 from May 8, 2013 forward will receive the new Legacy 8 at no charge. And as always, anyone who has purchased Legacy Deluxe previously will qualify for special discounted upgrade pricing. Get started today - you won't have to relearn everything when Legacy 8 is ready, but you'll get some really nice new features when it is.


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Hey Jeff is it too late to suggest an improvement?
I think an alphabet side bar on the index page (like in my contacts on my phone) would be great. Faster way to get to my people!

I prefer the vintage but please don't take away the option to personalise the colours. I have mine set just the way I like it :) Thanks for a great programme.

Go with Vintage. It's easy on the eyes, and lets face it, the people we add to our Trees are mostly 'Vintage' anyway... Looking forward to this new Legacy 8 system !

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