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Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed

It's time to start unwrapping the newest edition of our Legacy Family Tree software - version 8 - but just a little at a time. This will be the first of many articles showing some of Legacy's coming features. I'll start with some of the smaller features and work my way up to revealing the really cool new stuff.

Today I'll begin by showing some of the main Legacy 8 screens, which have not changed a whole lot but when you see them, I am certain you will enjoy the refreshing look of the modern touches we have added.

Both the Family View and the Pedigree View have had a face-lift...



...but we are still trying to decide which color scheme to go with. Which do you like, the "Vintage" color scheme above or the "Blues" color scheme below? Click here to cast your vote.



New Ribbon

Did you notice the new Ribbon at the top? We "stole" it from our Legacy Charting software that you have enjoyed so much. Now it is easier to find the right tools for the job.


Having the new Ribbon also gives you a lot more room on the screen. Collapsing it (by double-clicking on it) hides the buttons...


...and really cleans up the interface.

Did you also notice the new "4" and "5" buttons in the upper left of the Pedigree View. Now it is easier to change between displaying 4 or 5 generations at a time.


That is certainly not everything new in these views. Those with really good eyes probably noticed the __________, the new __________, the new __________, and the new __________. I'll write about them in the articles to come. What else did you notice?

So there you have it - some of the smaller of the new Legacy 8 features revealed. But to me, it's always been the small things in Legacy that have made me so happy.

When will Legacy 8 be released?

Since I've now opened the can of worms, I'll answer the most-anticipated question first. There's more than one truthful answer to this:

  • I'm not really sure, but probably before the end of the year, and hopefully way before then
  • When it has been thoroughly tested by our development team and beta testers

But if you are considering downloading either the free or deluxe editions of Legacy, don't wait! Any purchases of Legacy 7.5 from May 8, 2013 forward will receive the new Legacy 8 at no charge. And as always, anyone who has purchased Legacy Deluxe previously will qualify for special discounted upgrade pricing. Get started today - you won't have to relearn everything when Legacy 8 is ready, but you'll get some really nice new features when it is.


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I have used Legacy Delux since starting my Family Tree as I thought it the best program on the market now you are going to make me pay for an upgrade " NOT PLEASED"

Will we still get the chance to customise our own screen appearances as we do presently?
Maybe the blue scheme could be a set file option for diehards.
I already use a modified vintage scheme with my own colours, etc. echoing the tones I use on my personal website which are much easier on the eyes.

Voted for blue as preferred. Would like line or gradient in whatever view is finally selected. Choice of multi views of course would be the best provided it doesn't take tons of recoding in the program. Also color coding according to four color Mary Hill system would be preferred over just red/blue for female/male relatives in display and printing. Excited about the revamps especially since when you guys do upgrades they really work before being released, unlike some really heavy hitters who sell "beta" of operating systems, let users debug for them after the sale ... and then issue debugged versions as "new" with full pricing ... no discount offered to prior users. Would have even liked to be a "user beta tester". Have recommended Legacy to many geni buddies as overall best in the market and am really looking forward to the cruise in Sept. which is my 65th birthday present!

I like the blues -- hopefully we can take our pick -- I hate the vintage.

I love the blue...and my eyes are pretty bad. I'm excited about the new changes in the program.

I started out with PAF and then went to Ancestral Quest. Legacy was my third try and I love it! I'd never want anything else but this program.


Will the new version 8 still work with "Families" for i-phone?

Given the amount of support and development that you put into the product, it's more than reasonable to have a fee to upgrade to a major version (assuming it is major). The level of active support was definitely a factor in my choice of Legacy when I changed software 4 or 5 years ago.

Wanita - yes, it will still work with Families.

I love the new color scheme but hope other colors might become available. Love the new ribbon across the top also. Can't wait to upgrade my 7.5 Deluxe version.

I opt for Vintage. I love Legacy; it is more user friendly than other programs I have tried.

Like the new version so far, also like the vintage. Been Legacy user for many years and have other programs but Legacy by far the best.

I have been a user of Legacy since sometime in 2000 with Version 3.

Love the new look projected for Version 8!!! Updated, but nice to see familiar features of this beloved program (yes, I am one of those unable to give up Legacy when converting to the MAC experience so Parallels is my choice for running the program) Now if only I can figure out how to carry on the I-phone or I-pad just can't get the hang of the option avail for this yet).

Now, colors.... agree, I am more attracted to to the standard gray, but would appreciate the option to choose when mood or whim dictates. Legacy has always been wonderful in allowing preference options!

One thing I don't see quickly is the family line color option and advanced tagging on the family view.

What are the red exclamation points on the family & pedigree view?

I notice there are two more icons on the bottom of the husband/wife in the family view; anxious to see what these are for.

I do like the "My Toolbar", quick access to 4 or 5 generations, primary photo options on the Pedigree view. And am happy to see the quick bookmark and male/female color option on the pedigree view remain available.

This is just as a quick look, I am impressed and very excited to see what other new things you have in store for us Geoff. Thanks again for such a wonderful product!

Many vendors have an early bird discount for those of us who are delighted with the product and understand that the license we have is only for the current version. The deluxe version is really quite inexpensive and it would be unfair to the developers to expect perpetual upgrades.
I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to sign up for the upgrade.

I have been a Legacy user for years, and all upgrades have not been free. Only those within the same version number. When Legacy went from 6 to 7 Deluxe users got the upgrade at a discount, and we all jumped on it for the Source Writer. Geoff says there will be an upgrade charge for Legacy 8, but it will be discounted to Deluxe users. I am looking forward to the upgrade as I have a feeling we are going to hear something great in the next few e-newsletters. Also want to be able to color code family lines multiple places in the file

No Matter what, I am sure it will be great.

I attended all of your classes at this weekends Jamboree and found that the new version 8 seems to be great. I liked that you demoed what you could of the new software. I can not wait till it is released and I get my copy.

I am happy to pay to upgrade to the new version. It is always very reasonable and you offer free to people purchasing now. You all work so hard to give us a quality product. All minor upgrades are free which is a major bonus. You need to get money to do research and make a quality product even better.
I also like vintage. Keep up the good work.

Updates have been free (and there have been many of them), but major upgrades (from version 6 to 7 for example) have always had a cost associated with them. Geoff has already said that there will be a discounted price available to current owners of LFT Deluxe 7.5. I honestly don't know how a fair person could object to that. If you don't feel the need for the changes coming in version 8, you are not required to upgrade. That is a "no cost" option. If you buy 7.5 deluxe today, you get ver 8 free when released. This is standard in the software business.
It is clear that a lot of work has gone into the next major version and I'm anxious to see what the goodies are. I want to see Legacy survive to continue to provide this great software. They can't do it by giving everything away; they like to eat too.
As for colors and lines, I want lots of options. Dark backgrounds are particularly difficult for mature eyes. Bring on the fun!!

I use Ancestor Color Coding for Pedigree display. How does that look with the new blue color?

I was under the impression that I would get free upgrades. How much will it cost for these changes?

Regarding the new family and pedigree screens...without studying things it looks like changes to the Family view appear to be relatively minor and mostly cosmetic. I like the Pedigree view better than what's available in the current version of Legacy. It will be interesting to see from future postings as to what features have been added.

For all those wanting free upgrades to a new version - how do you think the programmers etc are going to eat? Do you work for free? It is cheap, pay for the upgrade and the program will continue to develop.

I couldn't care less about the color schemes, I will change it to my own colors anyway. I find this a remarkably silly thing to start promoting as a reason for a new version.

I agree with Pat Miller. I vote free upgrade or at least a reduced price.
The changes are nice. Please keep in mind that some of us have been loyal for years and love Legacy.

I have been with you for many years now, and I have always bought the CD and the manual for the Deluxe Edition. I have always paid for these changes. Isn't it about time that we the customers who have had the Deluxe Edition for a long time get a brake and get this new change for free. By the way, I like the Vintage better. Also, I would like to add, when are you coming out with a Spanish version of Legacy. I have asked this question before.

I think that the Vintage colors are a little easier on the eyes. I am very excited about the title "Research Log" in the ribbon view. Having Research logs in the Legacy Program will help me be more efficient.

I have been a Legacy user since Version 2.0. I have never been disappointed with each subsequent upgrade. I look forward to receiving Version 8.0 and will happily pay for it. Legacy's price point is consistently and surprisingly low for the high value of the product. I'm rather puzzled by the expectations of some that they should be rewarded with a free upgrade by virtue of having used it in the past. Would that Ford reward me with a new 2014 model vehicle for my faithful purchases in the past. Kudos to the folks at Legacy for their dedication and commitment to providing us with a most excellent tool.

I can't imagine getting V8 as an upgrade from V7.5 free for us long-time deluxe users of V7.5...there are so many of us using deluxe the company couldn't possibly make a profit.
As for the Vintage vs Blue, my mature eyes like options to change as needed.
Legacy has always been attuned to our needs from the onset, and no matter what, I'm not concerned and will upgrade as soon as available!! Thanks Legacy team!

`I believe the vintage view is best, however, what has happened to the Children and other fields in the top and bottom left of the "pedigree panel'?

I like the look of the new version. Keep those upgrades coming. I'm happy to pay for any upgrades to a new version. (7-8)

Geoff, I'm really looking forward to the new version.

As far as the new screen shots, I prefer the Vintage ones, but it's as much because of the reduced clutter (by not having the gradient backgrounds on every text area) as it is the colors themselves. Also, I think the ribbon is great. It's been six years since Microsoft essentially scuttled toolbars and adopted ribbons. It did take a while to adjust, but now I never want to go back. So I welcome that change!

I think the Blue is better for the older eyes, or at any rate for
my older eyes.

I hope there is Not to much of a big change as I like the way Legacy
looks now, I am not big on changes to the look of things.

I have been using Legacy since version 2 & would NOT change for anything
it is a great programme.

I have always liked the Legacy feature allowing one to select his/her own color schemes, hope that option remains, otherwise it's a step backwards, up to my opinion. I'm not happy to have to BUY the upgrade. It used to be free, as I remember it.

Like Gale I hope that there will be a simpler way to sort children into age order and, indeed, a simpler way to sort lists in general. In other software I use, the selected sort order automatically becomes the default for subsequent entries. So, for example, if you choose date order you do not have to re-sort every time you add a new entry to the list.
On a different matter: will there be an obvious empty box on the screen if you can't or don't want to provide a photo? Personally, I can see no obvious advantage in adding a photo of someone at one particular point in time and actually find the photos a distraction from what is Legacy's primary purpose: the nature of the relationships between the people in your family tree.

I like both colour schemes. Can you offer something like Mozilla Firefox Themes or "Persona", where the user can change the schemes?

I think your pricing policy is ok. That's what every software company does: You get smaller updates, i.e. from 7.4 to 7.5, for free and you have to pay for the bigger ones, i.e. 7.5 to 8.0.
You will perhaps offer a discount for v7.5 deluxe users...

If there's only one choice I vote for blue, but I hope both will be available (hopefully just a schema definition). I only would suggest to make the space left and right of the boxes a bit smaller and if you need to work with shadows, make them a bit smoother.

Ribbons are good, if correctly implemented. And they give the possibility to add buttons/groups to the Quick Access toolbar, so there's a direct access to the most needed functions.

Other (really hope it's on your radar for the next version):
One of my main painpoints, not only with Legacy, is, that it is not possible to track witnesses as real database entry/real person, linked to an event. This would required to use the definition of GEDCOM 5.5EL, which has also a lot of advantages, when it comes to locations (see

Book creation: possibility to created multiple indices in one book (e. g. Person, location, witnesses,...)

Reports: location/times comparisons across multiple trees to discover patterns/probably connections. Did this manually (lots of work), but it helped to determine where and for which time it would be worth to take a closer look.

I like the new blue option. It is a lot easier on these old, damaged eyes. I changed the colour scheme on my current version of Legacy.

Jason: as I understand it, it is only the current version of FamilySearch that is being closed. The site will continue with the dreaded "improvements".

Pat: yes, free upgrades for all would be nice but if Legacy did that as well as all the free webinars, they would might go out of business - then where would we be? ;)

Going against the grain - I can understand charging (with a discount) for a full version upgrade. Quite a bit of work goes into upgrades and if Legacy Family Tree does not make money, it will go out of business, which is waaaay worse than paying a stipend for a large upgrade.

Please be careful about what is removed from the old version 7. 'Mature eyes' need high contract colors. Will all the 'unique' citations I've created to handle non-standard items (such as French military records) still be available? I am persnickety about citations and have many French records that could not be handled by the citation templates using SourceWriter (though all the US citation templates are very helpful). FYI - the templates for military record citations for the US are very weak.

Good luck,

I have recently obtained a tablet, but it is Android driven. Will you have an Android version for the Legacy 8? I got the tablet to make it easier to go to libraries and do my research without lugging the heavy lap-top around. Please, please, please make us a GREAT and AWESOME Android version too... I want to be able to use my Legacy programs again...

Thank you.

Sandra - Legacy 8 will not be removing anything and you will still have the options to fully customize it how you want.

I agree with the Vintage look ... somehow it seems more "professional" if that makes any sense. But these days I agree, also, with other folks about having options in the backgrounds, themes, etc.

The other issue is, again, the fact that those of us who have used the deluxe versions for years have always been able to translate up without cost. That, believe it or not, is one of the main reasons I haven't even looked at other programs in the past. Please re-consider.

Richard - thanks for your thoughts. However, although it's been about 5 years since our last major upgrade, we have always provided upgrade pricing between major versions (like from v6 to v7, and v5 to v6, and v4 to v5, etc.). In between, all the minor updates have been free.

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