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Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed

It's time to start unwrapping the newest edition of our Legacy Family Tree software - version 8 - but just a little at a time. This will be the first of many articles showing some of Legacy's coming features. I'll start with some of the smaller features and work my way up to revealing the really cool new stuff.

Today I'll begin by showing some of the main Legacy 8 screens, which have not changed a whole lot but when you see them, I am certain you will enjoy the refreshing look of the modern touches we have added.

Both the Family View and the Pedigree View have had a face-lift...



...but we are still trying to decide which color scheme to go with. Which do you like, the "Vintage" color scheme above or the "Blues" color scheme below? Click here to cast your vote.



New Ribbon

Did you notice the new Ribbon at the top? We "stole" it from our Legacy Charting software that you have enjoyed so much. Now it is easier to find the right tools for the job.


Having the new Ribbon also gives you a lot more room on the screen. Collapsing it (by double-clicking on it) hides the buttons...


...and really cleans up the interface.

Did you also notice the new "4" and "5" buttons in the upper left of the Pedigree View. Now it is easier to change between displaying 4 or 5 generations at a time.


That is certainly not everything new in these views. Those with really good eyes probably noticed the __________, the new __________, the new __________, and the new __________. I'll write about them in the articles to come. What else did you notice?

So there you have it - some of the smaller of the new Legacy 8 features revealed. But to me, it's always been the small things in Legacy that have made me so happy.

When will Legacy 8 be released?

Since I've now opened the can of worms, I'll answer the most-anticipated question first. There's more than one truthful answer to this:

  • I'm not really sure, but probably before the end of the year, and hopefully way before then
  • When it has been thoroughly tested by our development team and beta testers

But if you are considering downloading either the free or deluxe editions of Legacy, don't wait! Any purchases of Legacy 7.5 from May 8, 2013 forward will receive the new Legacy 8 at no charge. And as always, anyone who has purchased Legacy Deluxe previously will qualify for special discounted upgrade pricing. Get started today - you won't have to relearn everything when Legacy 8 is ready, but you'll get some really nice new features when it is.


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The Vintage seems to be a little easier to read.

Kevon - I've just heard from the developer of the "Families" app that it will continue to be compatible with Legacy v8. Families works on both the Apple and Android devices.

Danny - yes, there will be some new sorting options, but you'll have to wait for a future Legacy 8 Unveiled article for more....

Jim - the children/family/spouse lists in the Pedigree View were turned off for the screenshot I took. Personally, I like them hidden but they can optionally be displayed. This is true in version 7 also.

Angel - I'm not sure of the progress with the Spanish edition of Legacy. I see that it is still open for volunteer testers at

Greg - yes, there will still be discounted upgrade pricing for existing Legacy Deluxe users.

L J - current upgrade pricing (upgrading to Legacy 7 Deluxe from a previous Deluxe edition) is listed at The v8 upgrade will likely be similarly-priced.

Gil - I'm not yet sure how the enhanced color coding looks yet. It, with its new additional color choices and multiple group choices are almost done being implemented. I'll write about it in a future article.

Looking good, please keep it simple. The simple views puts Legacy top of the league over other systems.
To address the earlier comments of clarity please it would be a good idea to make sure that some of your beta testers are in the group of having "mature" eyesight.

Vintage with the lines that would be cool. I have loved Legacy from the very beginning. Such fantastic customer service and they always work hard to keep it up to date and are not afraid to change things when we moan!!

I could not participate in the survey because, oddly enough, I rather like the FamGroupSheet in the Blue but DO prefer the PedChart in the vintage. So, not too sure where that leaves me.
And have to say, upGRADES in any program are not free, there is always some cost. upDATES Are free as Legacy has always done and I have always appreciated.

The price of Legacy is so reasonable for such a quality product that I don't know how anyone can complain about paying for a major upgrade. Last year when you added that whole census querying thing it was fantastic; and there was no charge for that. It is really nice to use a software product where the developers understand the users and continually add so many beneficial features. Keep up the good work.

to Sharon Tate: There are still showing the same 11 icons on the family view screen, however the Parents icon has been moved between the spouses and siblings icons from where it was between the aka and address icons and there appears to be a little down arrow at the bottom of the persons field so that more icons are available and apparently you can customize what icons are shown.

I am amazed at the negative comments! Don't like change? Fine, then stay with 5.0. It still works. Entitled to a free upgrade? Be sure to tell your local movie theater that you have paid to see their last four movies so now they should let you see all the new movies for free. Come on, people. We have got a good deal here - a real bargain in entertainment. Where do you think they get the money to keep the improvements coming?

Please allow dates to show as follows: (1862-dec.) where the person is marked as deceased but no date is known, instead of (1862-)

Since purchasing Version 4 or 5, I have paid a discounted price for every version, and it is still less expensive than other software I have seen, particularly when you consider the absolutely awesome features that are built into each new version. I have never been disappointed yet.

I am glad to have more control for the color schemes because my eyes don't always work with the same color background. I am also anxious to get back to syncing with FamilySearch. I haven't been doing much of that lately because of problems caused by using the OLD new FamilySearch. Are they also allowing us to sync sources with FamilySearch?

I agree with those that have said we should not have to pay for an upgrade. Legacy is the program I recommend to my Probus Family History Group. Another congratulations that this message window has spell check - did not like my word Probus.

Cheers from Valerie in sunny Sydney

The blue is just too too boldly blue, hence I much prefer the vintage, but like another writer I want to see divider lines between people - have noted you said this can be turned on or off. Yes, I also agree with those who requested alternate colour schemes which the user can select.

To all the whingers about having to pay an upgrade price: Legacy must be the best value quality genealogy software around - we get stacks of free upgrades. I can't remember when I last paid for an upgraded version - Geoff will probably remind us. According to users I know of another well known genealogy software they have to pay for upgrades every year and they. With Legacy we only pay every few years when there is a really major upgrade.

Yes, also - will the new version be compatible with Win8 touchscreen?
Thanks for a great program. Sylvia

I like the blue screen. I do most of my genealogy at night time and the contrast is easier on my eyes.

I concur with others and hope that the upgrade will be free for deluxe users. I wonder if we will be able to customise the ribbons for tasks that we do most often.

An option to make the Picture Gallery show "All Pictures" automatically when opened.
Ability to scale a tree so that it will fit to 'X' number of

Looking forward to seeing what else has been improved.

Either colour scheme is OK but my preference is for the vintage one.

I hope version 8 will also include the ability to present children in DOB sequence as sometimes not all the children in a family are able to be discovered in this sequence.

I am wondering about AFN and Family Tree ID numbers. AFNs are still useful to find people in a Google search but the new ID numbers don't upload to Gencircles or Rootsweb. Ideally what is needed is a new box for that the old AFN number can transfer into and a new box to replace the old AFN with the new ID. I've been seriously thinking about making a T-shirt saying I was (AFN number) but now I'm (new ID number) but I so far I can't find my AFN number.

Look forward to the new version. It would be nice if everything were free but that is unrealistic. If my ancestors had waited for "free" passage to America or "free" wagons to travel west, I would be living in Europe today.

Whatever the cost for the new version, it will be worth it.

I vote for the vintage color. Easier on the eyes. I hope that the upgrde will include the ability to show the relationship to the starting person on the family group report

Fred - great idea! I'll add it to our enhancement request database.

Will Legacy 8 work with the current Families app? If not, hopefully that will be upgraded also. Will Legacy 8 going to work on Ipad using Safari?


Lois - Legacy 8 will continue to work with Families on both the Apple and Android devices.

I like the blue better, but agree that creating your own color scheme is also a good option.

Not so sure I will keep if I have to pay for the upgrade.

I really like what I see - I think I favour the blue colour scheme but it would be nice to have a choice to switch colours. I also quite like the new ribbon.

I can't believe that people are reluctant to pay for the major upgrade! I have a number of software programs on my computer and have used a number of others over the years. I have never received a major upgrade for free. I have always had to pay. I am not a computer programmer but I have written a website using html and I have dabbled a bit in writing php script. Stop and think how much time and effort goes into putting together a major upgrade. It doesn't just happen overnight.

I can't wait to see the final product.

I like both colour schemes and wish they were both available. It's true the vintage colours are much easier on aging eyes. Although I love colour in my life and like the blue very much, there is much more colour intensity from the palest blue to the dark blue - and not such a drastic change in the vintage example. I think if the darker colours were toned down a few notches starting in the middle to the right hand side it would easier on the eyes. The example showing the pale blue at the top and darkest at the bottom is much easier on the eyes than the left to right version which is too dark on the right side.

Love Legacy and have no problem with paying the charge for a new version considering the tremendous work and time it takes to write code and test to be sure it all works as planned. My opinion is that those complaining about the relativelt small charge also complain about paying $2.00 for a loaf of bread rather than the $.25 we paid decades ago.

I have a suggestion to be considered although I don't know how many find themselves in a similar situation. My database contains more than 27,000 individuals because I have been able to go back to the 500s and all over Europe. Names were so very different then with no consistency in spelling. Adding alternate names are not always appropriate. For example, if looking for an Elizabeth in the name list, would you think to look for Isabel? These names were often used interchangeably centuries ago. I would like to be able to add to the name list an entry at the beginning of the Elizabeths "see also Isabel." Other examples occur when recording the name as it appears originally when using different languages such as Henry, Henri,
Enrique, or John, Juan, Giovanni, etc. I don't want alternate names entered in the name list for every person to which this situation applies. It would get to bulky with this size database.

Thank you for your hard work and visionary efforts to see where electronic databases are likely going.

Definitely prefer the BLUE. It is much easier on my eyes. Love Legacy and have been using it for a few years now and have recommended it to others who are now also using it.

If you insist on an upgrade charge, what will the charge be? Still love your products!


Thanks so much for putting everything that you do into the Legacy application. Legacy 7.5 is comprehensive no doubt but I am hoping for a substantial update to the visual aspect which I feel is lacking a bit. The fonts and graphics seem like they could be adjusted for a better visually asthetic appearance possibly.

Also in the family view please allow for quicker ability to add individuals. Now it takes more than one click to add a parent or child. Please reduce that to one. It sure does add up when you get into the hundreds of people added.

I also love the birthday reminder but can you allow for a global setting that allows you to turn on for all (except deceased) or maybe certain generations or lines could get reminders. It would greatly reduce the time spent individually adding notifications to each person.

Thanks again for the wonderful work that you do!

Darrell - the current upgrade pricing (to upgrade from any earlier version of Legacy to Legacy 7) is listed at It will probably be comparable.

I prefer the vintage background personally.
As for the Deluxe upgrade from 7 to 8 well I expect to be paying something as we have been as rightly pointed out getting all those mini upgrades since the move from Version 6.
I moved from FTM due to the insistent demands to grade each year as far as I am concerned at lest Legacy has not adopted that stance and allows us to put our hard earned money to research purposes, this applies to all of us on a tight budget.
Have used TMG and found it not as intuitive as Legacy and thus easier to connect individuals or families when doing a One Name Study.
Remember at the end of the day Keep it Simply Simple.
Legacy for other Operating Systems (OS) such as a Linux compatible version and maybe Apple compatible version as well would be great.
Have tried Linux via Codeweaver the commercial version of (WINE)and found it not to be as reliable as when running in Windows and it is a pain to have it running Via a Virtual machine on a Linux OS, well that is what I have found.
As far as I am aware in Linux the only Genealogical software available is GRAMPS even though it is open source.
Legacy even the current version is far better IMHO as I prefer the Family chart for inputting new members of a family or linking family, GRAMPS does not appear to have a Family Group sheet view that I am aware of.
So making an old version of Legacy available as Open source I am sure may gain more adopter's of the program.

As for the app Families that works with Legacy I have found that in the events area i may not have been entering information as it ought to have been entered, now slowly but surely putting this right in relation to census's.

To all those that say they will jump ship to another program due to having to pay for the upgrade from version 7 to version 8.
I am willing to bet that in less than three years of going to the likes of FTM you will be back.
Also remember that we have had many mini or minor upgrades and based on a one mini or minor upgrade per year we have saved much compared to other branded Genealogical programs out there that charge per up grade regardless of it being a mini or minor upgrade.

Be thankful that all the mini or minor upgrades have been free with in the current version 7 and I am sure that these will be free after the move to version 8 as well.

For those that are using an Andriod or Ipad did you know that the Families application will sync your legacy data and it is fully editable.
If you did not know then you missed the news late last year.

Will the DNA support be improved? The current version can't handle all my mtdna mutations. I'd love it it I confirm my mtdna haplogroup all other direct female lines get same same haplogroup as predicted.

osiris - yes, there have been enhancements to DNA.

Windows 8 Tablet and Phone would be very attractive. What about moving to an annual subscription option like Microsoft Office? I understand the potential impact on your revenue but it removes all the discussion about paying for upgrades.

I don't want to duplicate work (retype everything) when transferring information between Legacy and the LDS Family Tree on-line program. Will version 8 transfer directly?

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