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Legacy Family Tree update available (version - FamilySearch integration & more

We have another great new Legacy Family Tree update (free) for you to download. This update adds the long-anticipated ability to synchronize and interact with FamilySearch's Family Tree. It also adds a new SourceWriter template for the recently-released 1921 Canada census.

See the download instructions below for step-by-step instructions on installing this update.

What's New

FamilySearch Family Tree Interaction. FamilySearch's Family Tree is a collaborative online tree where researcher's interact with a large, unified database of connected genealogical information. It is one of the must-visit sites to compare what you know about an ancestor with what others have shared. Legacy's FamilySearch tools provide the ability to:

  • Check and compare the FamilySearch Family Tree for possible matches with your ancestor.
  • Link your Legacy person to the Family Tree person so Legacy can monitor for any changes/updates made by other researchers. Legacy can also "Auto Match" your Legacy file.
  • Add your Legacy person to the Family Tree for others to view. Maybe you will find a new cousin or two!
  • Share information you might have about an ancestor already in the Family Tree. You can help fill in the gaps or missing information for someone else.
  • Download information that others have published. A complete citation is added to any information you download so you know exactly where it came from.
  • Know how "complete" your genealogy is. The percentage tracker can help you manage your genealogy projects so you are not so overwhelmed.
  • LDS members:
    • Reserve and print Family Ordinance Requests (FORs)
    • Organize and share ordinance cards with friends and family

To get started, turn on the FamilySearch option in Legacy by going to Options > Customize > General tab > and turn on the option to "Integrate with FamilySearch". Of course, this tool is completely optional.

Then click on the FamilySearch button in the main toolbar:


After logging in, Legacy searches FamilySearch Family Tree for any possible matches and displays them for you to compare:


If they appear to be the same person, click on the "This person is the same as mine" button. Then you optionally can share information back and forth:


Looks like FamilySearch has some burial information about my Carrie May Gekeler that I didn't know about previously. I could click on the green arrow to add this to my Legacy family file, or I could just use it as a clue for me to verify. Morris Hill Cemetery is not too far from where I live, so maybe I'll go check this out this afternoon.

FamilySearch Family Tree is available to everyone - give it a try today by downloading today's Legacy update.

SourceWriter. Congratulations to Canadian researchers! The 1921 Canada census is now available to browse at Ancestry. When you find an ancestor, you will now be able to properly cite its source with the updated SourceWriter template.


Census List tool. Because the new census has not yet been indexed, knowing 1) who was alive in 1921 and 2) where in Canada they were living is important. Our updated Census List tool now includes the ability to quickly find everyone that meet these conditions. After clicking on the Search button, click on the Census List tab:


Happy searching!

How to Update

Go to and follow the instructions.


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and how do you get the log in and password if you arent' a member of the chuch?

C. - thanks for the question. We'll make this easier in a new update coming really soon. For now, go to to create the account. We were pointing to an old link.

Note that as far as I can see, only has the 1921 Census. When I tried to access from my paid account for the U.S. Ancestry version, it prompted me to upgrade to a World subscription instead.

Love the updated functions! Keep up the great work. Thank you all so very much!

Marianne - if you go to I believe the census images are still free to view.

Does Family Tree automatically capture my family tree if I go to site through Legacy program? I hope I have option of saying if I want to share it.

Sue - no, nothing is automated. Legacy will never publish/share any of your data unless you want to and intentionally click on the share button for the data you wish to share.

I just downloaded the Legacy update and tried to verify a name on Family Search. I get the verification but I can't download the new information to my tree. What do I need to do for that?

Ken - click on the Share Data tab, and then click on the arrow on the FamilySearch side next to the data that you want to copy to your file.

Thank you for the quick response to the 1921 Canadian census. I am looking forward to the new functionality in Ver 8!

It would be nice if you had a webinar or a video of a presentation made to a user group on how to use the new FamilyTree integration tools.

Thanks for updating them. A lot of us are excited to use these updated tools. It also helps us tell others that Legacy FamilyTree is the best software program.

I'm aware that Gedcom files--even though they do not "show" living members of a tree--still carry the information and, to anyone or any program that knows the structure of such files, that information can be released with all the other dead tree members data. What is your privacy policy in this regard? If we "share" data with your cloud trees, are the living members names and dates shared with the cloud even if they are not made visible ordinarily?

Prescott - Legacy does not share a GEDCOM with FamilySearch's family tree. If you choose to share information about a living person, that information is only visible to you online. Private information is not public. You'll also notice in Legacy's GEDCOM area that there is a section devoted to privacy where you can suppress all details for living individuals.

Kent - good idea. I'll work on scheduling a webinar and producing some video tutorials.

Geoff, I'll second that request for "Watch Geoff Live" as he matches several of his family members. I was up until late last night - you know how addictive this is - matching family members and transferring data both ways.

I've been using FamilySearch FT since last year, but I've only transferred a few members of the 18,000 I have on Legacy because it is so difficult manually. Last night was a dream because it goes so quickly. Thanks for the updates.

YAY!!! I've been waiting for this update for a couple of months. Happy Birthday to me!

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