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Windows 8.1 update now available

It's finally here! Windows 8.1 is now available as a free update for those who already have Windows 8 (like me!) installed. I hear the Start button is back and a bunch of other improvements are available. I have no experience with the update yet, but have read the good review here. I think I'll install it on my kids' computer first and see how it goes....

To download the update, visit www.windows.com and click on the Get the Free Update button.


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Update requires about one to one and a half hours. I updated both my desktop and laptop computers. Once updated, check the Windows Update as I found half a dozen additional changes available.

Yes, but does Legacy still work with Win 8.1?

I am waiting till I know that before I download to my tablet.

Yes, Legacy works with Windows 8.1.

Thanks Geoff.

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