Some Lesser Known Irish Resources - free webinar by Judy Wight now online for limited time
5 New Legacy QuickGuide Now Available - 87 now available

New video training (free!) - Legacy and FamilySearch Family Tree by Geoff Rasmussen

Want to learn more about how Legacy Family Tree interfaces with FamilySearch's Family Tree? Come watch the recording (free) of a new class presented by Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen. In the video, Geoff explains:

  • How to turn on or off Legacy's FamilySearch tools
  • How Legacy will search for your ancestor in FamilySearch Family Tree
  • How to exchange information (optional) between Legacy and FamilySearch Family Tree
  • How to reserve and manage ordinances (LDS users)

He also gives tips on how to better manage large research projects using Legacy's Progress Meter and different filters.

Click here to watch the class. Four pages of supplemental syllabus materials are also available to download, save, and print.


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Noticed that for one relative there were more than one identical matches. Don't seem to see how to handle that. What to do? I have three such matches for one of my ancestors.

How to I pause to take notes on the Webiners? Also, how to I back up to repeat something?
Thank you

Mike - when you hover the cursor over the video the pause button becomes available at the bottom. To back up, just click in the time slider to the approximate time that you want to resume.

Jerry - click on the Duplicates tab. This is where you can compare the potential duplicates and merge them if necessary.

Great video and great tool. I see that Sources can be uploaded. That is great. I hope you do another webinar spending more time on possible duplicates as that is so important with FamilyTree.

By the way, Legacy recently found a duplicate that I did not be find FamilyTree "Possible Duplicates" or "Find" commands. They have since upgraded the "Possible Duplicates" function and it now catches it, but it did not a couple of weeks ago.

I also appreciate the ability to download descendants. This can be helpful if you want to look for possible surnames that might show up in your atDNA matches.

Now if FamilySearch can develop an interface so images of the source can be uploaded to FamilyTree.

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