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Legacy Tip - displaying the marriage status (like 'divorced') in the Family View

Friday's first-ever virtual Legacy Family Tree User's Group meeting has now been viewed by thousands. Consequently, my inbox has lots of follow-up questions now. I'll work to answer many of the questions here so, like in the webinar, lots of you might benefit.

In the webinar's Q/A session at 1:32:10, a question was asked about recording information about a divorce. I showed where to record it in the Marriage/Relationship Information screen:

5-5-2014 11-07-05 AM

Now that this "marriage status" is recorded, the status will appear in the Family View:

5-5-2014 11-08-34 AM

If it does not appear, then you just need to enable its option in Legacy's preferences (Options > Customize):

5-5-2014 11-10-08 AM

To Richard in Australia who emailed me about this, I hope this helps!

And thanks for attending the webinar. Don't forget to register for our upcoming virtual user group meetings here.



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Great stuff. Was wondering how easy it would be to include the Status Date (if entered on the Marriage Data Entry screen) to appear next to the word "divorce" on the Family View screen? That would be helpful to me. Too much clutter? What do others think?

This was very helpful for me too. Thanks.

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