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New book and webinar for your German ancestors: The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide by James Beidler

Got German roots? Then you'll enjoy this brand new book and webinar from James M. Beidler. He is also the author of our Legacy QuickGuide on German Genealogy.

GermanBook: The Family Tree German Genealogy Guide - $24.99 $19.95


Explore Your German Ancestry!

Follow your family tree back to its roots in Bavaria, Baden, Prussia, Hesse, Saxony, Wurttemburg and beyond. This in-depth genealogy guide will walk you step by step through the exciting journey of researching your German heritage, whether your ancestors came from lands now in modern-day Germany or other German-speaking areas of Europe, including Austria, Switzerland, and enclaves across Eastern Europe.

In this book, you'll learn how to:

  • Retrace your German immigrant ancestors' voyage from Europe to America.
  • Pinpoint the precise place in Europe your ancestors came from.
  • Uncover birth, marriage, death, church, census, court, military, and other records documenting your ancestors' lives.
  • Access German records of your family from your own hometown.
  • Decipher German-language records, including unfamiliar German script.
  • Understand German names and naming patterns that offer research clues.

You'll also find maps, timelines, sample records and resource lists throughout the book for quick and easy reference. Whether you're just beginning your family tree or a longtime genealogy researcher, the Family Tree German Genealogy Guide will help you conquer the unique challenges of German research and uncover your ancestors' stories.

Paperback: 240 pages, 9" x 7"


Webinar: German Internet Research - A Launching Place for Your Research

Beidler-100Join and first-time webinar speaker, James M. Beidler, for a free webinar on Wednesday, June 11, 2014. Here's the webinar description:

Internet research for German ancestors is not as fully developed as it is for North American or British ancestors, but don’t let that stop you! There is a significant subscription site, along with some important indexes, original and compiled, records online. Fortunately, the number of actual records online is growing at a significant rate. Other German genealogy sites provide important information about places or sources. Indeed, your research will suffer if you don’t use the Internet for your German research.


Legacy QuickGuide: German Genealogy - $2.95

Jim is also the author of the 6-page PDF guide. Here's the guide's description:

More Americans have German-speaking ancestry than any other ethnicity. While German research has challenges involving historical disunity and shifting boundaries – as well as older records handwritten in a chicken-scratchy version of cursive – the flip side is that many documents have survived wars and social disorder. As a group, Germans have a reputation for “Teutonic thoroughness” in producing and retaining many types of documents that other ethnics lack.

The German Genealogy Legacy QuickGuide™ contains useful information including a timeline of important events, terminology, migration patterns, record types and how to access those records. This handy 6-page PDF guide can be used on your computer or mobile device for anytime access.



Legacy Family Tree in German

Did you know Legacy Family Tree is also available in the German language - all the screens, reports, help file and more are in German. Best of all, it's already included in your copy of Legacy. Just go to Options > Select Language and select Deutsch. To visit the German version of our website visit

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