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Genealogy serendipity while writing about genealogy serendipity

What a cool experience I had today. I'm writing a book about serendipitous experiences I've had where ancestors have seemed to "speak" to me. Today, while writing chapter 5 about 10-year-old Marvin Brown, and having just inserted a digital image of his death certificate, I wrote the following:

Finding Marvin Brown has changed my life and reinforced my belief that our ancestors reach out to us.

From his death certificate I learned Marvin was born July 2, 1902.

And then it hit me...

Before I write one more word, I've got to tell you about the hairs on my arms that just stood. Today, at this very moment, as I pen this story, is July 2. I had no idea. Happy birthday Marvin!

My experience with my ancestor, Marvin Brown, and the voice I heard in the parking lot on the morning of my 38th birthday, will go down as one of the special, or should I say "sacred" genealogy experiences I've ever had. Isn't it interesting how I began to write his story today, July 2, on his birthday?

By the way, I have Lisa Alzo to thank for finally giving me the encouragement to begin writing this book. In her recent webinar, 10 Ways to Jumpstart Your Family History Narrative, she suggested to just start writing. And that it's okay if your first draft is bad. Two weeks later I'm nearly done with my first draft. Thanks Lisa!


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Very cool, Geoff, very cool indeed! Got goosebumps myself.

Great idea for a book, Geoff! I can hardly wait to read it!

Serendipity, yes!! One of several! My family did not remember where my grandfather was buried in 1943, only in old graveyard in Arlington, Texas, area. No mortuary or funeral home had info about him. That evening my husband I stopped at the large Old Pioneer Cemetery, were on opposite corners when he yelled it was time to go. I went running back across the center of the cemetery, stumbled and fell. My husband ran to see if I was OK and all I could do was say "This is what I was looking for!" My knee was resting on my grandfather's flat tombstone.

Eagerly awaiting your book.

Serendipity...yes indeed! Several yrs ago I drove to St.Louis to try to locate my gggrandparents graves. Since their deaths had been so long before, I attempted to drive to a very old cemetery in the general area as recalled by an uncle, but was blocked by street closings,,,causing me to take a circuitous route which brought mr to an intersection where I zsgould have made a left turn.
However, before I was able to turn I looked up and saw...directly ahead...the entrance to a beautiful cemetery... and thought...why not stop in since I'm here?? I, too, had goosebumps as the attendant read out the names of the entire family and told me the location of the family plot!!!!

I've often have the feeling as I do research that either my ancestors have been near me or that I'm experiencing what they felt when they were alive.

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