Register for Webinar Wednesday - When Freedom Came: Documenting the Family's Freedom Story by Angela Walton-Raji
When Freedom Came - Documenting the Family's Freedom Story - free webinar by Angela Walton-Raji now online

Tom Jones to present "Debunking Misleading Records" on Saturday, August 2, 2014 - register today!

TWJ200x200Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 2 at 4:15pm Eastern U.S. time. Get rid of doctor appointments, movie times, and anything else you have scheduled - this event will easily trump all of your existing plans.

Tom Jones, an award-winning genealogical researcher, writer, editor, and educator will be presenting "Debunking Misleading Records" to our live audience. The class will be broadcast from the Genealogical Council of Oregon's "Summer Genealogy Fest" in Eugene, Oregon. Thanks to the council, the Oregon Association of Professional Genealogists, and to Tom Jones for making this happen!

How to attend the class:

  1. Register here (free) to attend from your computer via
  2. Register here to attend the Summer Genealogy Fest in Eugene, Oregon.

If you have attended one of Tom's classes, then you know that you should arrive to the webinar early as only the first 1,000 to join that day will be able to participate. If you have not had the pleasure to listen to Tom you're in for a real treat! See you online or in Eugene!


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How long will the "Debunking Misleading Records" last on Saturday, August 2, 2014?

About an hour.

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