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Legacy Family Tree will soon import files from The Master Genealogist software

Recently Bob Velke, producer of The Master Genealogist software, announced that his software would be discontinued. TMG, as it is known, was one of the first genealogy software programs I personally used before switching to Legacy Family Tree. We wish Bob and family the very best.

We have been working really hard and are getting close to releasing an update to Legacy that will directly import TMG files (no GEDCOM necessary). We are working hard to make the import to Legacy as seamless as possible to limit the amount of post-import cleanup that may be necessary. If you are a TMG user looking for new software, give our free edition a try at Import your GEDCOM and see what you think of Legacy. We think you will enjoy both the simplicity and the power of Legacy. Then watch for our upcoming announcement of the free update to Legacy we will issue which will provide the direct import.

UPDATE (July 2016): Wow, has this been a bigger project than we thought. We've worked hard to do it right, think we've got it done now, and will release the TMG import tool with our next major release (version 9). We don't have an exact date for its release, but likely sometime in 2016.


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That is good news for those of us using TMG. I've been wanting to switch to Legacy for years but hesitated because of the data-loss when using GEDCOM for transferring data.

I am a current TMG user. Please let me know when it will be possible to do a direct import of TMG into Legacy. I will then switch.

Unfortunate for the producer and users of this program, that it is coming to an end. I looked at it seriously., many, many years ago when I was considering which program to buy and it really was a toss up between TMG and Legacy. The deciding factor for me was being able to use the free version on Legacy and to get any help and support I needed while I made up my mind. I don't think TMG had the same sort of offer at that time. I think I made a good decision, especially given this news. Long live Legacy Family Tree!

Will all TMG fields be imported and where will data for the fields not mirrored in Legagy go? I am especially concerned about witnesses and the custom fields I have created. Thanks

I wish that Legacy would have an interface more like TMG's. IOW, *all* of the information for *one* individual on *one* screen. Because of this, I rank Legacy far below TMG.

I have been using TMG and its predecessor ROOTS for many years. It is a great genealogy program. However since they announced that TMG would be discontinued I have been searching for a replacement program. I was concerned that whatever software I chose I would be forced to use GEDCOM to import my TMG data. This always results in lost information as GEDCOM imports are not complete. This announcement just made up my mind as I will be able to import my TMG data directly into Legacy without losing anything. Very nice!


I'm looking forward to the transition. I've gone thru the beginner 5CD training (twice), read Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked (twice) , and have imported my GEDCOM to get a 'feel' of the program in preparation for the direct import. I've also signed up for a year of your online genealogy classes.

I started out on Ultimate Family Tree, then migrated to TMG when UFT went out of business and now, hopefully, this will be my final transition to a new program.

Janice - take a look at Legacy's "Chronology" view.

Madeline - not having seen the end result yet, I'm not all the way certain. IF there is data in TMG that Legacy does not have a field for, I'm sure that at the very, very least Legacy would import it into the Notes fields. But Ken and team are doing their best to make it as smooth as possible for you.

Surely, just because it will not be updated further, there is no reason whatsoever to stop using it, if TMG does everything the user needs! I run many programs that have long been discontinued. They still do their job just as well as 10 years ago or more!

This is great news. I purchased the deluxe version and imported the gedcom but will wait until the fix.


I wrote Legacy asking for this the week TMG made their announcement. The response was less than encouraging. I'm glad someone changed their mind. I've been using TMG for 15 years but lately have been encouraging others, just getting started, to begin with Legacy. TMG is more than most of them want.

My biggest concern is losing the witnesses function of TMG. I may run the two side-by-side, we've had the deluxe version of Legacy for several years, but without witnesses I don't see any immediate need to change.

Wonderful news! I've enjoyed TMG for years but kept an eye on Legacy. I tried to upload to free version of Legacy but much data lost (particularly specific year census tags) via GEDCOM. I look forward anxiously to the anticipated improvements with Legacy's direct link.

I used TMG for years and always thought it was a little TOO much for my needs. When I found out about LEGACY, I switched immediately. I still have TMG and keep abreast of what's happening with Wholly Genes, but I'll never switch from LEGACY. I'm glad you're going to help those TMG users with their transition to the best genealogy software available today.

Oh - and import of the TMG source numbers please! :-) I know I have been relentlessly bugging the Legacy people with this so hopefully I have been heard...Fingers crossed.

I started with 4 LARGE Roots databases created by my father and have moved them to UFT and then to TMG. I have combined them in TMG and I think I have about 10,000 people in there plus many related text files on people. Will Legacy hold this many? And will the coming import handle this size? Thanks! I am trying to keep the many years of research for future generations.

Trent - yes, it will handle the size just fine.

As one who has used TMG for many years I have implemented many of the features of the program. This has given me concern as to what I may lose in any transformation to any other software. I have also participated in all but one of the TMG cruises (we have actually gone on over 30 cruises all over the world). Assuming the import is developed and implemented will there be any type of discussion or lecture or ?? on your upcoming cruise in June of 2015?


Yes there will be three days of classes, which will include plenty of Q/A time.

I don't use TMG, but bearing in mind the suggestion that unsupported data fields at least should get imported into notes, I have a suggestion to make based on trying to move Legacy data into another program that did this (no, not to give up on legacy!). It did not have "marriage notes" "birth notes" and the like. Just notes. It just shoved them in together - ugh! If humanly possible, any data from an unsupported field that goes into notes should perhaps be prepended with the title of that field, either optionally or by default.
This should preserve the meaning of the note, at least.

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