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If I could turn back time to before I called my mother this morning...

WeddingAh, the highs and lows of family and genealogy.

A few minutes ago I received a text message from my sister who asked,

"How long have mom and dad been married?"

Wondering why she was asking, but feeling confident because I knew I could find the answer immediately, I opened Legacy. Legacy's "Ages" tool will tell me exactly how long - to the day - they've been married. I quickly navigated to my parents, and then clicked on View > Ages. What I saw made my heart sink.

11-19-2014 9-47-12 AM

Today is my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. With my tail between my legs, I responded to my sister and wondered what I could do to make it up to my parents. My mother already knows I forgot, because about an hour ago I called her and asked her for a favor. Nope, I didn't wish her a special day then. Had I been more diligent in looking at the Legacy Home tab inside my Legacy software, I would have remembered:

11-19-2014 9-49-59 AM

Legacy has the tools to help me be a good son. I just wish I had used them before calling my mother the first time today. Fortunately, she loves me unconditionally. But if any of you have any advice for me, I could surely use some this morning.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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Well if you forgot, then it makes me feel better about missing a grandson birthday couple weeks ago. I thought it was my age.

Yes, using the reminder feature makes my wife think I am smart about her families events. It is a great tool!

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