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Make the Most of a Thanksgiving Gathering

For most Americans, Thanksgiving turns into a multi-generational gathering of friends, family or loved ones. While it might not be appropriate to do on-line genealogy research or to sequester yourself away to make a family history video, it is a perfect time to tell stories, record family history interviews or to encourage relatives to work together on future family history projects.

When spending time today with your loved ones, enjoy the stories and memories of times past. Perhaps help some children record an interview with their grandparents. Stories recorded today can be used in videos created during a February snow storm when you are stuck at home. Or spend some time charming the teenagers in your family by convincing them that their technical expertise with computers and camcorders is essential for your next family history project.

Our next Webinar Wednesday speaker, Devin Ashby, will be speaking on the topic "Family History for Kids." Spend some time this Thanksgiving enjoying a family history video Devin created with his family (and a few neighbors too). And don't forget to sign up for the webinar! He'll have more ideas like this to share with your during his webinar.



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