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Adding data to Legacy Family Tree without your keyboard

Imagine adding new information to Legacy without having to type it all. This is possible with the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software that webinar presenter, Luana Darby, recently taught us about. Now, one of our Legacy users, Bobby Johnson, has created a short video demonstrating how it works with Legacy. In the video, he uses a combination of his keyboard and the Dragon software to 1) search Ancestry for a census record, and then to 2) add the new information to both a source and a custom event in Legacy.

To see how it's done, Bobby has created a 20 minute video, and gave us permission to publish it below. Thanks Bobby! If others have experience using Dragon with Legacy, please tell us in the comments below.



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A well done example of the process. Thank you Bobby for the work, and inspiration. It will make my work easier!

I have an IMAC which has voice recogition on it. I just don't quite know how it works. Any tips or info on this. Thank you

I have found the voice command system in Windows 7 latest version to be quite effective and accurate. How does this compare to Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

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