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What's Your 2015 Genealogy Education Plan?

Thanks to guest blogger, Lisa Alzo, for this great article!

LearnIf your New Year's resolutions or goals include new ways to improve your skills as a genealogist then get ready for 2015 because you will have an abundance of options waiting for you! The good news is there are so many choices. The bad news is there may be too many choices. So, you need a plan. One that is easy to create, maintain, and continue throughout the year. A workable plan is especially now as we move full-on into January. 

Fortunately, the steps are pretty simple, and Legacy has plenty of educational resources and tools to help.

1. Identify Your Interests. Are you interested in gaining a better understanding of genetic genealogy? Want to power up your online database search skills, or curious about the newest technology and how to use it for genealogy research? Write down all of the topics you would like to explore. Having an action plan that specifically outlines areas you hope to focus on will give you the required direction for success.

2. Learn with Legacy. Legacy Family Tree has a number of ways for you to improve your genealogy skills this year. Here are three specific areas to explore: 

Legacy Webinars. If you are already a subscriber to Legacy Family Tree Webinars, you know that this is one of the best educational values out there. In 2015, there are plenty of new topics, some presented by speakers whose names are currently recognizable to regular attendees of the Legacy Webinars series, but there are some new speakers who have been added to the line-up. In addition, in 2015, the offerings are twice as nice—there will be the usual Wednesday webinars, as well as some Friday webinars, plus the addition of Wednesday evening webinars, hosted by popular speaker, blogger, and podcaster, Marian Pierre-Louis. You can view the monthly breakdown of topics in the announcement of the series that was posted on this blog in December. Legacy makes it easy to register for multiple webinars at a time. If you don't yet have a subscription, you may wish to consider purchasing one, because with your yearly subscription you get on-demand access to Legacy's entire video archives (now up to 198 classes, 292 hours and 816 pages of instructor handouts). You can watch current or past webinars via your computer or mobile device.

Legacy QuickGuides™. Supplement your webinar learning with Legacy QuickGuides™. Each guide contains four pages (or more) of valuable information covering a variety of genealogy research topics. Legacy QuickGuides™ are written by genealogists and family historians who are experts in a wide variety of subject areas.  

Legacy Software. Every family tree can use a little pruning or the occasional spruce up. Perhaps this will be the year that you master using Legacy Family Tree software. If you are new to this program, there are tutorials to help you get started, or explore some of the more advanced features. Pick up a copy of the book Legacy Family Tree Unlocked, join a Legacy User’s group, or the Legacy Virtual Users’ Group Community on Google Plus, or view one of the Watch Geoff Live Webinars (available on CD, or included in your webinar subscription).

3. Put Your Education Plan in Motion. Once you have committed to what you want to learn and have found the Legacy products that will help, the next step is to make those education goals commitments you can't miss. Block out the time in your schedule. Put it on your calendar. Keep a list of all of the steps you complet so that you can measure your success. 

Whatever your educational needs are in 2015, Legacy has the tools, resources and webinars to keep you learning all year long! 

Lisa A. Alzo is a freelance writer, instructor, and lecturer, and has been tracking her ancestors for 25 years. She is a frequent presenter for the Legacy Family Tree Webinars series and can be contacted via http://www.lisaalzo.com.


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