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9 Tweetable Quotes from the "Getting Started in Scrapbooking" Webinar

Getting Started in Scrapbooking with Susan & Debbie Budge


These nine quotes were made by Susan and Debbie Budge during the recent "Getting Started in Scrapbooking" Webinar.

If you like any of them then click the tweet button after any of the quotes and it will be tweeted from your Twitter account. On the next page just hit tweet for it to send.


1. "Our families are at the center of everything we do."



2. "A Scrapbook is a physical heirloom that a person's family and descendants can find so much joy in."     Tweet:


3."Your photos really should be the star and your layout should just be the stage."    Tweet:


4. "They are re-experiencing the past through something I created."   Tweet:


5. "Another thing that makes scrapbooks so special is the wealth of information they provide." Tweet:


6. "It isn't just a story, it's their story."   Tweet: 6.


7. "Mark Twain was a lover of scrapbooks and was often seen carrying one around with him."  Tweet:


8. "Mark Twain filled more than 50 scrapbooks in his lifetime."   Tweet:


9. "Mark Twain's patented scrap book was the only one of his inventions that made him any money."  Tweet:


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