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A genealogy conversation with my teenager

I've been fortunate to have many terrific genealogy experiences and conversations with my teenager but this one yesterday was one that made me laugh.

Sitting at my computer I was modifying the title of our "next webinar" graphic when Evan looked over my shoulder.


Evan - "That's the name of your next webinar?"

Me - "Yep."

Evan - "What's That?"

Me - I then explained to him what indirect evidence was and how we use it to find our ancestors.

Evan - "Oh, OK."

So, even though it's Spring Break next week (no school), I'm not sure if he'll tune in to the webinar or not (I think it'll be one of the best we've ever had...). But at the very least, isn't it great that he even asked "what's that"?


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Very encouraging!

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