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4 Ways to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day

Wearing green to school and trying to avoid pinches was how I remember celebrating Saint Patrick's Day as a kid. A generation later, my kids have their green all lined up for the big day this week. Join us here at Legacy Family Tree as we celebrated our Irish heritage.

First, see how Irish you are.

The inspiration behind Legacy's new Origins report was to answer my kids' question of "Daddy, where do we come from?" While this could lead to an interesting discussion, I chose to answer this by implementing the Origins report in Legacy which shows us the distribution/percentage of where our ancestors were born.

To create the report, first navigate to yourself in Legacy. Then go to Reports > Other Reports > Origins Report. Choose your options (I chose to go back 20 generations) and click Preview or Print.

Looks like I'm a little over one percent Irish, with 17 of my 1,560 direct-line ancestors having been born there:


Second, join us for Webinar Wednesday with Judy Wight

Ireland research expert, Judy Wight, will teach about 17th-19th century genealogy records using different case studies in this day-after-St. Patrick's Day webinar. Register for the webinar (free) here.

Third, get FREE access to 3 Irish webinar recordings

There's no better place to learn how to find your difficult-to-find Irish ancestors than in our Webinar Library. These three members-only webinars will be FREE to view through Wednesday, March 18:

BrophyFourth, tune in for an Irish surprise during Wednesday's webinar

Michael Brophy and Irish genealogy go hand-in-hand. Tune in during our live webinar this Wednesday to find out how and Michael have teamed up!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!


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Since my mother and her family arrived in America from Cork in 1930, I know how Irish I am. But I am looking forward to the webinar on Wednesday.

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