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Legacy Tip: How to add a Citation for a World War I draft registration card

If you have a male relative born between September 13, 1873 and September 12, 1900 and living in the United States between June 5, 1917 and September 12, 1918, there is a good chance he will be listed in the United States World War I Draft Records at FamilySearch or Ancestry. The records will often provide a full name, home address, exact date of birth, place of birth, employment information, marital status, closest living relative, and information about the person's physical appearance.

Search these collections here:

Learn about these records here:

Learn how to create a citation in Legacy Family Tree here:

If you found your ancestor in one of the 24,999,338 images (as of this writing, the index is 96% complete) at FamilySearch and now want to add the information to Legacy Family Tree, follow the steps below.

Here is the document for my relative, George King:

King, George - WWI draft registration

After locating it at FamilySearch, I clicked on the Download button, moved it to the directory on my hard drive of c:\Genealogy Photos\Locations\USA\Iowa\Muscatine County\Muscatine and renamed the image to "King, George - WWI draft registration.jpg". (See Digital Imaging Essentials for more information about organizing and renaming your digital images.)

Now it's time to set up the Source Clipboard in Legacy. I could go ahead and just start adding the source, but because I will be using the information from the document in many places (birth, name, residence, etc.) setting up the Source Clipboard will make it easier to copy the citation to the many places it will be needed.

First, click on the triangle button in the Individual's Information screen. This opens the Source Clipboard.


Then, click on the link, "Click here to select the master source to cite." This opens the Master Source List. Scroll through the list to see if you have already added the Master Source for the World War One Draft Registration Cards already. If so, just select it and fill in the details. If not, click on the Add button.

Below I selected "Military records" from the list, and then I selected the Online database/images option for the Draft Registrations record type. Click on the image below to enlarge the example.


Then fill in the fields for the master source:


And then the fields for the source detail.


You may also add a transcription on the Text/Comments tab, and link to the digital image on the Media tab. The Source Clipboard is now all set up and ready for you to use.

Now's the fun part - you get to review, analyze, and do the data entry for what you found in the record. Just remember to paste the source from the clipboard. To do this, when your cursor is in the desired field, just click on the button right underneath the triangle button to paste the source. And that's it! The citation/source is now linked to the information you have entered. You can verify this by clicking on the person's blue Source button.


If the above process sounds familiar, you've probably read through Legacy Family Tree - Unlocked! If not, it's available here in PDF or printed formats.


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good post, hopefully everyone knows how to do this in Legacy and sources all their info!

This is a really big feature I'd like to see added to Legacy and would be worth an upgrade - automatically include the properly sourced citations for all databases on,, and other major sites that have unique collections.

I find that trying to fit a database into one of the pre-defined templates in Legacy can be difficult and not correct. I end up using Internet, website, generic for most source citations because it's general enough and I just input the proper cite.

Please implement the auto-cite feature from major sites!

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