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Brand New! Join our Legacy User Group on Facebook Today

FB-fLogo-onlineThere's a new place for Legacy Family Tree users to hang out! Join our new Legacy User Group on Facebook today to share ideas, ask questions, or just lurk. Or if you're thinking about using Legacy, come hang out in the group and see what others are saying.

How to join

Click here and then click on the green Join Group button. As it is a closed group (to prevent spam, etc.), your request to join will be reviewed by our administrators. This shouldn't take long though.

What's Next?

Look for the Legacy User Group link in your Facebook "GROUPS" panel (it's on the left). Click on it and read what others have written, post a comment, or ask a question. 



You can also adjust your notifications. Look for this in the upper right.


Other groups

  • If Facebook is not yet for you, join our Legacy User Group mailing list here.
  • Or if you have a technical support question, visit our Support Home here.
  • Or if you just want to watch some of our videos, click here.
  • There's also the Virtual Legacy User's Group on Google+ here.
  • Here's our Legacy Facebook page (where we post announcements, etc.).


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