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Did FamilySearch really "lose all their records"?

My 13-year-old son, sitting behind me in the office, and working on his own genealogy, just mentioned,

"Dad, I think FamilySearch lost all their records!"

Thinking that maybe his computer had lost its internet connection, I turned around to check it out. He then provided this further explanation:

"See, the 1970 U.S. census doesn't show up in their list of records."

Smiling, and thrilled that he's trying so hard, I had a great opportunity to teach him about the availability of our census records. And while we won't have access to the 1970 census for another 27 years, it's exciting to have someone else in the house with whom I can talk about genealogy! Even if it's when I'm trying to get my work done.


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Speaking of Family Search Records, why are the on-screen type faces in Family Search now of such poor quality? They look like a page printed without enough ink--faded, broken-up and really hard to read.

I have many records that I found on the old IGI that cannot be found on Family Search.





I'm just hoping to be around in 2022 for the 1950 census as that is the first one that I will be listed in.
I've been at this for 23 years so I figure I'll still be doing it when I'm 80.

I AM 80 and just getting started!

Could not wait for the 1940 census because most of my living family 20+ years ago were still alive, now I'm hoping to get the 1950 census because then I can track the family members that were born just a few years before me. I hope also to be alive or have a family member that will be listening to me as I let them know they have to get this work done.

"I'm just hoping to be around in 2022 for the 1950 census as that is the first one that I will be listed in." I can't even have that - because I was born in September, 1950, lol. But also looking forward to seeing the next one.

Canadians have to wait another 7 years for the 1931 census. We just hope authorities don't try to hold it back!


There are very few 1890 Census areas that remain extant after that 1921 fire reduced the bulk of the census to ashes. I feel your pain in not being able to access it; for me, tons of relatives arriving in Cleveland at that time! Here's more about that census and the few census areas that survived the fire:

Genealogy sources, like Ancestry and others, have developed substitutes for that census by utilizing city/town directories, state censuses, etc. Perhaps the historical and/or genealogical societies in the places where your relatives lived have similar information. They will likely possess name files with their available data included. Ancestry's 1890 Census Substitute:

That is a wonderful story, Geoff! A learning moment that will become priceless as time goes on. (You can tell it to your grandchildren, and I bet your son won't even mind.)

My kids grew up on family stories and oral genealogies. I was lucky enough to personally know many of the three generations before me, and to grow up in a family who never missed a chance to tell a story on each other. I'm trying to capture some of those stories to include with my genealogy, and passing my own to my kids and grandkids.

I got one of my daughter's a copy of Legacy, and got her started taking webinars, then assigned her the task of researching her father, and interviewing me. I think she's hooked. A little older (by several decades) than your son, but hey, we both landed a live one!

Thank you, Carol!! I too can't find records on the IGI through FamilySearch that I found years ago by manually pulling microfiche and searching through names. I thought it was just me; I was not doing something correctly or I'd be able to find those same records. I feel just a little less inept at using those monster sites that are wonderful yet seem to hide records.

Why is it that names found on the microfiche version of IGI can't be found on the Family Search version of the IGI?



Does anyone know how I can get Geoff Rasmussen's book, "Kindred Voices?"

I would appreciate your help on that.

Thank you,


Marsha - it's at I hope you enjoy it!

Does anybody know how to get into the old IGI please, Thanks

My 8 year old granddaughter was over today and was looking at a huge 16 generation chart I've been working on. She commented, "What a large family we have," but I had to break the news that it was only her FATHER's side! Then I showed her my page with 9,783 people. I am trying to interest her in family history as I have 2 sons with no interest, but 3 grandchildren. One of them HAS to take an interest, or who will I leave all my Civil War discharge records, citizenship papers, 1822 samplers with the family names, and tin-type, etc items!

Why are so many records on the IGI with no date or additional information. i.e. a researcher is unable to open the preview.

1970 is the ONLY census I'm listed in. As per my mom, nothing for 1960, but she did get a form for the 1970 census. The 1980 and 1990 I was a married woman with children, no census paperwork at all. Come the 2000 and 2010, I begged repeatedly for the form, but nothing. I even met the pre-census taker at the end of our gated driveway. We live 1 1/2 miles beyond the gate and over a hill, so our home is unseen except by air. He assured me that someone would call or mail me a packet. No such thing ever occurred. See, we have a Post Office Box for a mailing address and apparently we don't count when it comes to the census. No one with a PO address (at least in our county) received a census or a visit.
Because of my experiences, I've notated the above for my descendants or any researchers working off from my research. I've recommended that they look, but don't become discouraged if they can't find our family.

Here is a link to the IGI on FamilySearch. It has been divided into two sections, Community Contributed IGI and Community Indexed IGI. You can search them separately or together.

Just fyi most of the 1890 Census survived the fire, but became a water soaked moldy mess, whose destruction was authorized by Congress in 1933.


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