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Windows 10 and Legacy Family Tree


Windows 10 is here and we are pleased to report that Legacy Family Tree software works great!

While I just installed Windows 10 this morning, many of our Legacy users have been testing Legacy with Windows 10 for months now without issue. Both look really good. From all the reviews I've read, like this one here, the new operating system is a good, solid release.

It's also one of our hot topics right now on our new Legacy Facebook Group. Join the conversation or share your experience here.


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I had to run Legacy 8 as administrator to get it to work in Windows 10.

Have had Windows 10 for five days now. Legacy and Windows 10 are working well together.

Been using Windows 10 for a few days now, and so far everything works great in Legacy.

I have been using Windows 10 for several days. I have found some problems printing from Legacy with it. It hasn't been quite as user friendly as I had hoped.

I'm glad that this has been checked out. I haven't received my download yet but this was one of my concerns. Thanks for the update.

I have just installed Windows 10. I am having trouble using the media to scan in a document into Legacy(Marriage Certificate etc.). The document does not show up in the Legacy. Can someone help.

Thank you for addressing this. I have not installed Windows 10, but one of my concerns was if and Legacy were compatible. I would hate to lose all my work. Thank you, I will keep watching for a while.

While it is great to learn that Legacy continues to work well after upgrading to windows 10, I would be hesitant to rush out and upgrade to windows 10 as soon as it is available. I upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10 yesterday and I ended up reverting back to windows 8.1. Windows 10, for me at least, is a lot slower than windows 8.1 (in all aspects) and I was not able to get my wireless or wired internet connections to stop dropping out every 10 minutes or so. All issues were resolved for me once I reverted back to windows 8.1.

I hope the above is helpful to those considering upgrading to windows 10.

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