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Dutch Genealogy Webinar - follow-up answers to your questions

Yesterday's Researching Your Dutch Ancestors webinar with Yvette Hoitink was one for the ages. Especially if you have ancestors from The Netherlands. Yvette really resonated with our viewers. Some called it "OUTSTANDING". Others wrote, "Best webinar I've attended so far!"

Yvette went the extra mile last night and posted a new article on her blog addressing some of the questions that we didn't have time for during the live show. And even more amazing - she did this on the eve, and during the wee early hours, of her birthday. Happy Birthday Yvette!

So, if you'd like even more about how to find your Dutch ancestors, please read her responses on her blog. Here's the direct link:


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Thank you so much for your compliments, Geoff, and for inviting me as a speaker. It was such a pleasure to present the webinar. The questions were excellent and showed me that people had a keen interest in the topic. They've given me the inspiration for several more blog posts.

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