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New! DNA Quick Reference Guides

You've probably heard that DNA testing is a big deal in finding our ancestors these days. Maybe you've completed the DNA test, but are now left with more questions than answers. If you need help understanding your results, the differences between the testing companies, or just need help understanding where DNA fits in with your genealogy research plans, I recommend taking a look at Diahan Southard's new Quick Reference Guides. Seven are available for 5.95 each, or the 7-pack bundle is available for 29.95 (save 11.70).

1Getting Started: Genetics for the Genealogist

Do you want to use DNA to further your genealogy research? This guide will help you select the DNA test (and testing company) that is right for you. It's never been easier to get started. Let Your DNA Guide show you the way! This guide provides answers so you can test with confidence:

  • Explains what DNA can and can't do for your research
  • Identifies who in your family should be tested
  • Explains privacy measures
  • Provides a comprehensive flow chart that identifies the right test for your research
  • Helps you choose the right testing company for your test and genealogy research
  • How to take the test
  • A Quick Glossary Guide to help you navigate terminology easily

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

2Y Chromosome DNA for the Genealogist

This guide will walk you through each aspect of YDNA testing and help you identify your next steps to finding or extending paternal lines. You'll receive clear and concise explanations of:

  • How to determine if the YDNA test is right for you and your research
  • What the YDNA test can tell you
  • Haplotypes and Haplogroups
  • How many markers you should have tested
  • How to get tested step-by-step
  • The best company for YDNA testing
  • What the testing company can tell you
  • How to get the most out of the testing company website tools

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

Mitochondrial DNA for the Genealogist

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) carries with it an indestructible record of your direct maternal line. This guide will cover the basics of mtDNA testing, and how to harness its power in maternal line research. This guide will fully explain the different kinds of DNA tests, and importantly, how to use the results of testing to further your genealogical goals.

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

4Autosomal DNA for the Genealogist

Autosomal DNA is being touted as one of the hottest genealogy tools available, but it leaves many with more questions than answers. Turn to this quick guide for answers to these common questions:

  • What exactly is autosomal DNA testing?
  • Who can be tested?
  • What testing companies provide this testing?
  • What will the results tell me?
  • What are the maps with all of the ethnicity percentages?
  • What do those maps have to do with my genealogy?
  • How do I organize my DNA matches to make the most of the testing?
  • Use this guide to gain knowledge and confidence in this exciting field of research.

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

5Understanding AncestryDNA

Thousands have purchased DNA testing through Most are left without a clear idea of what to do next. This guide provides answers to the following questions:

  • How can I find my best DNA matches at
  • What do the ethnicity results mean?
  • How can I link my pedigree chart to my DNA? Is that something I want to do?
  • What do the relationship ranges, like 2nd-4th cousin, really mean?
  • What are the DNA circles?
  • Can I trust the shaky leaf hints?
  • What are my next steps?

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

6Understanding Family Tree DNA

Many have begun to explore autosomal DNA testing with Family Tree DNA but aren’t sure how to navigate the website and make genealogical connections. This guide provides answers to the following questions:

  • How can I find my best matches at FTDNA?
  • What do the MyOrigins results mean?
  • Do I need to add my pedigree chart to the website?
  • What do the relationship ranges, like 2nd-4th cousin, really mean?
  • What is a cM and why is it listed on my match page?
  • What is a Chromosome Browser? How do I use it in my genealogy?
  • How do I use the In Common with tool to find genealogical connections?

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

7Understanding 23andMe

Over 1 million people have had their DNA evaluated by 23andMe. This website has powerful family history tools and this guide will answer the most pressing questions like:

  • How can I control how much information is being shared with others?
  • How can I enter my genealogical information?
  • How do I know when I have a good match?
  • Is the YDNA and mtDNA information they give the same as what I see at other places?
  • What is the best way to use the ethnicity results presented?

Purchase for 5.95 for immediate download delivery.

DNA Reference Guide 7-Pack PDF Bundle

All 7 DNA reference guides at a discounted price!

Purchase for 29.95 for immediate download delivery (savings of 11.70).



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I would need these as paper guides. Some folks I want to share them with have nothing to do with computers--they still read books.

My printer would not be up to the task.

Any solutions ??
Was going to order the whole package.

V. Montague

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