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How to import Family Tree Maker into Legacy PLUS your questions answered

Legacy Family Tree offer - upgrade from Family Tree Maker for $10 off through 12/31/15

Earlier announced in this blog post that they will discontinue their Family Tree Maker software effective December 31, 2015. We know this change is difficult (my very first genealogy software purchase was FTM...), yet know that you will enjoy Legacy Family Tree. Millions have already downloaded it.

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How to Import a Family Tree Maker file into Legacy - 90 second video.


Also, download the FREE guide here.

Why FTM users love Legacy

So many former FTM users have turned to Legacy, and we asked them why. Here were their top reasons:

  1. Company-user relationship, support
  2. Reasonable pricing and free updates
  3. Navigation and data entry
  4. Sourcing capabilities
  5. User-friendly
  6. Reports
  7. Name list
  8. View multiple databases side-by-side / drag-drop
  9. Web pages

Here's the complete list with the users' comments.

LegacysantaSpecial Legacy Pricing

  1. Free - Standard Edition. Millions have downloaded Legacy. Download here and import your FTM file in minutes.
  2. $10 off - through December 31, 2015, Legacy Deluxe (download-edition) is just $19.95. Click here to purchase.

Need help?

If you ever need a little hand-holding, we are there to help. We are known for our quality and responsive technical support.

Quick Video Overview


Need a little research help?

Not only will we help you organize, research, and share your research, we'll show you how to find your ancestors. Visit to learn from industry experts. As of today, 284 classes are available and more are added every month.


Lots of you have asked similar questions about media, sources and other data importing. Read this follow-up article where we address many of these questions all in one place.


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Glad to see that Legacy is ready to take on the challenge of helping the FTM orphans migrate to a first-class genealogy program. This is a very big change. There are lots of us out there who can help with classes, user groups and general support to move files over to Legacy and keep your valuable research together. FTM users who are looking to switch programs should check their local genealogy societies to see if there is a Legacy users group available to provide support.

If we've uploaded our FTM file to ancestry already and haven't updated FTM on our computer in a while how do we go about getting all our info transferred to your platform? All my updates for like a year or so have been on ancestry only. Ugh!

We have a Legacy User group in Plano, TX that meets at W.O. Haggard Library, 2501 Coit Road, Plano, TX on the 4th Tuesday of each month (not Dec) from 1:30-3:30pm. We have "after meeting" if you have specific questions or need help. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for more information. We'd love to have you there.

Kristine - in your tree at Ancestry, click on the Tree Settings link, then click on the Export Tree button. This GEDCOM can be imported into Legacy.

We have a Legacy Family Tree Group in Burbank, CA and our next meeting is Monday night, December 14, 2015 from 7pm to 9pm at the Southern California Genealogical Society Library, 417 Irving Dr, Burbank, CA. or check out the SGGS Website.

So what happens if we don't switch over to Legacy and just stay with FTM and

Since my laptop is "on it's last legs" I'm wondering what happens if I download Legacy now and then in two months am able to buy a new laptop...will I have to purchase a new download?

Kathleen - once you've purchased Legacy, you may install it on each of your computers. If you lose the email or the unlock code, just let us know and we'll be happy to look it up for you.

I have FTM with over 95,000 people in it Will your software support that size file?

Sharon - yes.

I have been using Legacy for about 20 years, and believe that it is one of the best all round programs for genealogical researchers and similar enthusiasts - from beginners to experts. The main reason (and there are many) is that it is so intuitive to add, review, edit, and report the content stored by the system.
When I recently purchased a MacBook to replace my old Windows notebook, I was faced with having to purchase a “mac friendly” package, so after extensive research on what was on offer, I decided on FTM to collect and update research in the field, and to discuss ancestral lines with people I was speaking with. I would then bring my work home and export my updates into my Legacy database on the desktop PC.
Legacy will kick some major goals when it introduces a NATIVE mac version. Until then, we live in hope. Not that it will help Ancestry much now, but the decision to abruptly cease support for an installed product versus a “cloud” service (even while FTM is still retailed in the shops to unsuspecting users) must go down in history as the best ever case study on how to alienate rusted on users, and bring the wrath of consumer protection agencies down on the vendors on behalf of recent purchasers. When will developers and vendors “get it”? The internet is not always available, not to mention that some users prefer not to use it as a matter of course.
Vive Legacy as an installed product, NOT “cloud” dependent, with simple links to the internet whenever the users require it!

Is Legacy available in German?

I switched to Legacy some years ago. I had always used FTM until bought it. When bought out FTM, they had it so you could not print your tree information unless you paid Ancestry for the privilege of printing from your own computer! (That was fixed after a year or so after; guess they lost money on that one.) That's when I said that is enough. I found Legacy and have been very pleased with it.

Will photos, files, stories and facts be transferred from the FTM 2014 gedcom with no loss to Legacy's tree?

Sharon - that is correct.

Millie - yes, German is one of the languages that Legacy is translated in. Open Legacy, and go to Options > Select Languages and select German.

Geoff - I know that Legacy currently syncs with FamilySearch. Do you think that in the future Legacy will synchronize with Ancestry if they provide the access to do so? I think this would really encourage the FTM people to use Legacy as their desktop tool.

Does this software sync to any genealogy sites ? Can you merge branches ?

Ingrid - Legacy will optionally sync with FamilySearch's Family Tree.

Michelle - we would love to do it if Ancestry would provide the technical abilities for us.

I've been using Legacy since 2008 when I was using FTM 2008/2009 and felt my data was trapped not allowing me to use the data with other software. I finally took the plunge after exporting everything to a GEDCOM then importing into Legacy which has better reports and functions that FTM lacks. I've been pleased with it ever since.

Are you positive that when you import your data from to Legacy using GEDCOM, all of your photos will be imported? I have read comments on Facebook and Ancestry's blog where people were using GEDCOM to import their data to other programs and their photos would not import.

Richard - when importing an Ancestry-generated GEDCOM the pictures will not come with it. If you are coming from FTM, first sync your FTM database to your Ancestry tree, then follow the steps to export/import your information into Legacy.

well thanks Geoff you have great knowledge about this application and your kind of information. If i want to use Ancestry-generated GEDCOM easily upload in my Android phone.

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