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Learn Microsoft Word for free!

The recent Getting Started with Microsoft Word class by Thomas MacEntee has gotten such rave reviews that we've decided to keep it free - indefinitely!

Getting Started with Microsoft Word

Here's what people are saying:

  • "Absolutely fantastic webinar. I've used Word for years on lengthy documents and learned so much today that will help me. His webinar was better than all the books I have on how to work with Word."

  • "Awesome! I knew some of these tips, but Thomas has added so much more. Thank you. My Word editing will go much faster and smoother. :)"

  • "Excellent webinar!! I've been using Word for 30 years and learned new things I didn't even know were possible (or never took the time to investigate), especially the Styles and Format Painter. I look forward to watching the rest of the Word webinars. Thank you for doing these."

  • "I almost didn't sign up for this "Getting Started with Word" I have used Word for years and years. But I hoped for a few tips. OMGoodness. I got way more than I expected. Thomas made it seem so easy. He never talked down to us. He genuinely wants us to learn. He repeated the process (steps) after demonstrating. Great teacher. Great webinar. Thanks Geoff and Thomas"

  • "Thomas never disappoints. He made using Microsoft word look so easy. The examples he provided were easy to follow. He made sure the viewer knew how to do it themselves when they left the webinar. One of the best I have watched. Thank you!"

This first introductory class provides answers to many of the most common yet frustrating challenges for every day Microsoft Word users. And as the reviews above point out, Thomas makes it easy for everyone to learn.

First in a Series

Getting Started in Microsoft Word is the first in the new Microsoft Word Series that was created specifically for subscribers. The series will teach you everything from Formatting Basics, to Understanding Headers and Footers, to Creating and Using Templates - and much more!

Enjoy the free class on us!

We know you're going to get a lot out of this class! We're convinced that you'll like this class so much that we think you might even want to sign up for a membership

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It's just $49.95/year or $9.95/month.



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I watched Getting Started in Microsoft Word even though I don't use it. I use OpenOffice but found much of the information applies to that program as well. Great information presented in an easy-to-understand manner. Thanks to Legacy Family Tree and to Thomas MacEntee.

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