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How Do I Know That's My Ancestor? Free webinar by Amy Johnson Crow now online for limited time

New! FamilySearch Pilot Tool - free webinar explains the new tool

Index what you want! FamilySearch has a new, revolutionary pilot tool that allows you to index any of their 1.5 billion online images, even those that are not available to index through their current indexing software. Simply index the records while you're searching through them.

To help introduce this pilot program to the public, we've recorded and now published a webinar with FamilySearch. In this 36 minute webinar, you'll learn about different projects that are benefiting from this new pilot tool and you'll get to see it in action.


Click here to watch.

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I watched the webinar. Wonderful tool! Unfortunately, unless you are LDS and have an LDS login, you will not be able to view the images! Therefore the tool is useless to non-LDS members. So as member of the GRHS (Germans from Russia Historical Society) (and Legacy Family Tree user) I am excluded. Don't waste your time viewing this video unless your have an LDS account with Family Search!

There are millions of records that are free and do not require a user to be LDS or have a LDS login. This is a good video that explains it:

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