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Vote for your favorite cover of Legacy Family Tree 9 Unlocked - Final Round!

Compared to the 261 pages of the next edition of Legacy Family Tree Unlocked! the cover - all 1 page of it - has definitely been the most challenging page of them all. I've learned that the cover of a non-fiction book needs to be simple, eye-catching, and to the point. After lots of trial and error, two rounds of public voting (first in Facebook and second in our recent after-webinar party) and your feedback, I've narrowed it down to these two choices.

But wait - before you vote below and before I get thousands of questions about "when is Legacy 9 coming?" - showing you this cover does not mean that v9 is due out soon. It just means that I'm finally almost done with this project. And, I know I'm biased, but this version of Legacy Unlocked! is really, really good! :)


OK, it's your turn now. The final say. It's time to cast your vote.

Which cover do you prefer above? #1 (left) or #2 (right).

Please leave your vote in the comments below. And may the best cover win!


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#1 Looks cleaner and neat

#1 (left) IMO it looks elegant symbolizes unlocking Legacy and is eye catching while not hindering the screenshot of the program,

#1 (left)




Bolder letters of number 2, with the key placement of number is that an option???

#1 as the fancy antique key indicates that the contents will involve something historical, and being to the side of the screen it does not detract from the overall impression.

#1 I like that you can see the tree without obstruction. The key looks very elegant too!

#1 - it's inserted into neutral space instead of the pedigree sheet or the keyboard. It made me nervous drilled into space where I didn't want holes!

#1 but it is close



Left 1

Left 1

#1 Left -- key is more "ornate" and makes me want to see what is on the screen. #2 draws my attention to the key - distracts as to what is on the screen. Good Luck Geoff!

#1 left



#1 it's clearer

Vote for #1 -- #2 makes it look like you are locking the family detail possibly for future generations :)

#1 is the best

# 1

#1 all the way!

Left, no. 1




I like #1 the best. :)

#1 - no question for me!

#1 on left

1 is cleaner, more artistic, doesn't obscure the tree and has the touch of the past.



Number 1 on the left. More appealing.

It's close. #1's color scheme is sharp, crisp and eye catching. The key location tells you what you're about to read and experience will be rewarding. But, the key is to ornate and distracts from a new fresh look of the screen. If I have to pick from the two #1 has a better over all look.

#2...which seems to go against the flow. I think this is a stronger image and could be improved a little with a slightly darker key and keyhole.

2 cleaner and gives the impression of unlocking the secretes of Legacy software.

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