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Genealogy Squashes Dreams


I usually enjoy dreaming at night about genealogy. I've had some good ones - discovering the family bible, hugging my great-grandfather, and Swedish estate papers morphing into English. But last night's genealogy dream went too far.

In the dream, my wife planned a surprise second honeymoon for us. It was just the two of us a luxurious hotel, and a romantic setting. She had also planned a bunch of fun activities. Just as I was relaxing and enjoying the time with her, the dream switched to a library, where me and hundreds of other genealogists were combing through the brand new 1950 U.S. census. I don't think this was one of the activities she planned for us, but if she did, she must really, really love me.

Then I woke up. Good thing that in real life I have a wife who loves me and a job I love!


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I had a very interesting and good dream related to genealogy. I was in some kind of little town. A very nice little town and I went into this house and my grandmother, Zora Belle Young Jernigan, was standing at the sink in the kitchen. I knew she was dead and was surprised to see her. I started telling her all about the things I had discovered about my grandfather's family. And she smiled at that. Then the dream ended.

So when is that 1950 census going to be released? Not for awhile, unless time has been flying by faster then I realize.......

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