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Exciting day at the Rasmussen home this morning. Well, exciting for me - my t-shirt proofs came in. And as you can tell from the pictures, the 7:30am before-school-photography-session in our front yard had us all smiling.

2016 09 01_0003

Tanya and Kaitlyn were sporting the blue ladies style, while Evan and Nathan showed off my personal favorite - the white unisex. Wow does the red "GENEALOGY" ever pop on this shirt. Braden, who helped choose the shirt's fonts, liked the Carolina blue the best, and I'm modeling the medium gray.

Was I ever nervous yesterday as I picked the shirts up from the printer. How would they look? Would the sizes be right? Would the text be sharp and crisp? Would the colors show up well? The picture below describes how I felt afterwards:

2016 09 01_0005

The shirts are everything I hoped they would be. The quality is excellent, the colors are vibrant, and they're very comfortable. Can you guess what I'll be wearing on our Legacy Genealogy Cruise which starts tomorrow?

Here's a close-up of Evan, who also came in first place for his high school in last night's cross country race. Now he can advertise genealogy all over town.

2016 09 01_0007

Order by Friday, September 9

Remember, I'm only doing one printing of these one-of-a-kind T-shirts. Place your order no later than Friday, September 9. And you can't get just one - what if you wear your green one on Webinar Wednesday, and then we have a surprise flash webinar on Thursday? You'll also need one to wear to your genealogy society meeting on Friday night, and then of course one for date night on Saturday. The best part - the shipping price stays the same whether you order one or ten.

Don't delay, get yours today! :)




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