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Scrivener Software Series by Lisa Alzo Now Available

Scrivener Series Announcement

Scrivener is a powerful word processing and project management tool that allows you flexibility when working on your family history writing projects. If you're frustrated by the strictly linear approach that most word processing programs take then you will enjoy the drag and drop approach of Scrivener. With this program you can re-arrange or move whole sections of your writing with a simple drag and drop. You can also view your project on a corkboard and as an outline. Veteran writer and genealogist Lisa Alzo takes us on a 5-class series to show us how to use Scrivener. Included in this course are 47 pages of accompanying handouts.

The 5-class series - Scrivener Software

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The individual classes

Scrivener Software 1 of 5: Getting Started with Scrivener

Learn the basics of how to use Scrivener, the powerful word processing and project management tool by Literature and Latte to use for all your family history writing projects. In this beginning webinar, learn how to download Scrivener, set up a project, use the Scrivener templates, and get acquainted with the Scrivener interface (writing modes, commands, inspector, and toolbars).



Plus 10 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Scrivener Software 2 of 5: Storyboarding and Editing with Scrivener

Learn how to use Scrivener’s corkboard to visually outline your writing project and how to quickly and easily edit your existing work.



Plus 8 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Scrivener Software 3 of 5: Footnotes, Endnotes and Formatting in Scrivener

Learn how to incorporate footnotes, endnotes, comments, and other key formatting features in Scrivener.



Plus 6 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Scrivener Software 4 of 5: Compiling and Publishing with Scrivener

Learn how to compile and export your writing projects for popular formats for print or electronic publishing. View a sample eBook produced with Scrivener.



Plus 4 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Scrivener Software 5 of 5: Scrivener Ninja Tips and Tricks

Learn how to use Scrivener’s cool tools and features such as, Snapshots, Collections, ScratchPad, Customized icons, Import Webpages working with Templates, and more to power up your family history writing projects. Plus, as a bonus you will get a sneak peek at Scrivener for iOS (the app for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch).



Plus 19 pages of supplemental syllabus materials.

Lisa Alzo - Scrivener SeriesLisa Alzo

Lisa A.  Alzo. M.F.A. is a freelance writer, instructor, and internationally recognized lecturer, specializing in Slovak/Eastern European genealogical research, writing your family history, and using the Internet to trace female and immigrant ancestors. She is the author of nine books, including the award-winning Three Slovak Women, and hundreds of magazine articles, and writes the blog "The Accidental Genealogist."

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