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Legacy Tip: Ages

Wow, was I ever startled at what I learned when I pressed Control-A recently. Control-A, of course, being the shortcut in Legacy to open the person's Ages screen.


After all of these years of studying Asa Brown's family, it wasn't until I popped up his Ages screen that I learned that he died on his 34th wedding anniversary. That little bit of information added quite a bit of color to his family's story.

The Ages screen displays the following for both the husband and the wife:

  • Birth date, and how long it's been since their birth
  • Christening date, and their age
  • Marriage date, and how old each were at the date of their marriage
  • Death date, and their age at death
  • Burial date, and how long since their birth this event occured
  • The length of the couple's marriage

Access the Ages screen by:

  • Pressing Control-A in Legacy's Family View
  • or go to View > Ages button


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Wow !!! I had never seen or heard about an Ages page. Fantastic !!! I learn something new about Legacy every day....... Thanks Geoff !!

Thank you for this useful tip about the ages screen...very helpful!

I never knew about the "Ages" screen either. Interesting. I didn't find anything as interesting as your's Geoff, but I have found that a lot of my relatives died in the same month they were born - and we had a bunch that died on Christmas or Christmas Eve which, of course, makes me sad.

Thanks for another great tip.

Excellent tip. Thank you Geoff. I had no idea about the keyboard shortcut (and I love keyboard shortcuts). I've very seldom accessed this screen, but now I think I will use it more often.

Wow! This is great info! Thank you! I had no idea of this hidden gem, and here I was making a separate list on a different program to record this info. I too like another poster have a lot of family that have died either on the same date they were born on, or a few dates difference, but in the same month. I have also found some different patterns that I may have not found otherwise, like quite a few passing within days of each other. Possibly a contagious illness of some kind? Thanks again!

This is a good thing to look at. I'm not really thrilled that the age for the birth seems to be how long ago they were born from the current date. It makes the time between birth and baptism look odd. But otherwise, all good!

This is a great tip! I had no idea... I can think of many times when that could be handy. Now I'm wondering what other keyboard shortcuts might be available that I don't (yet) know about...

I have been using the calendar application for years to calculate ages. It is extremely important to discover a person too young to marry, too old to be a mother, children "born" too close together, how long between marriages, and on and on. I will use Control-A and love it every time I do.

I found this long ago when it was 5.0 and love it!
The Statistic tools is fun too, by the way :)
Greatest software program EVER! :)

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