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Legacy 9's new Cause of Death Charts

Legacy Family Tree 9's new Cause of Death charts helps you visualize and see patterns of part of your ancestors' medical history.


Each box displays the name, the lifespan, the cause of death, and the age at death:


The charts are available in five different styles:

1. Ancestor (shown above)

2. Descendant


3. Fan


4. Hour Glass (ancestors above, descendants below)


5. Bow Tie (father on left, mother on right)


How to create the charts

1. From the My Toolbar tab in Legacy 9, click on the Legacy Charting button.

2. Select the desired chart style.


Where to enter the Cause of Death

Before creating the chart, you'll need to type the cause of death for the ancestor. Just open the person's Notes screen and click on the Medical tab.


Video demonstration

For a quick video overview of creating a Cause of Death chart, click below.


Purchase Legacy 9 Deluxe

Cause of Death charts are only available in Legacy Family Tree 9 Deluxe software.

Click here to learn more.

Click here to purchase.


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Thanks so much for creating this. When my granddaughter was born with some medical issues, the first thing the doctors asked for was this type of chart. It would have made life so easy if we could have just printed off a "cause of death" chart at the time.

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