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Tuesday’s Tip – Swapping Events (Intermediate)

  Tuesday's Tip - Swapping events (Intermediate)
Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Swapping Events (Intermediate)

Many users don't know about this very handy tool. You can swap an alternate name for the birth name and you can swap any custom event you have entered for a vital event.

Let's say I discover that an alternate spelling of a person's name is actually the correct spelling. I can swap the two names and the sources for those names will also swap. Another reason you might swap is if you are dealing with someone that has legally changed their name or it is an adoption situation. You always want to record the name as it was at the time of the birth but you might want the name they actually use to print in a report. You can temporarily swap the names for the report and then swap them back.

Swapping alternate names
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If I have entered conflicting or alternate vital event information as a custom event, and then learn that this information is actually correct, I can swap the two events instead of having to retype everything and then reattaching the sources.

Swapping a custom event with a vital event
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This is a time saving feature that I have used many times.

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