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Tuesday’s Tip – New feature! (Beginner)

Tuesday’s Tip – New feature! (Beginner)

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

New feature! (Beginner)

The developers have slipped in a new feature. The Relationship Report now has a filter so that you can tell Legacy you only want to see your BLOOD relatives. Before you get started, you will need to set your relationships. Go to TOOLS > SET RELATIONSHIPS. Normally you will set the relationships to yourself.

Set Relationships
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Once you have set the relationships the report will become active. Go to REPORTS > OTHER REPORTS > RELATIONSHIP REPORT. You will see a new checkbox for "Only include blood-relatives."

New option
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And now my report only shows the people that I am blood related to.

Related by blood
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This is a great tool for those researchers using DNA. 

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Michele Simmons Lewis, CG® is part of the Legacy Family Tree team at MyHeritage. She handles the enhancement suggestions that come in from our users as well as writing for Legacy News. You can usually find her hanging out on the Legacy User Group Facebook page answering questions and posting tips.


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So glad that the report was created by surname and by first name. A great addition to my DNA searches.

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