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Tuesday's Tip - IntelliMurder! (Intermediate)

Tuesday's Tip - IntelliMurder! (Intermediate)

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

IntelliMurder! (Intermediate)

The Legacy Staff affectionately calls the Advanced Set Living tool "IntelliMurder." You can access it by going to Tools > Advanced Set Living.

Advanced Set Living
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Legacy will go through your file and kill off people that are most assuredly dead. The default is set at 120 years old or older but you can tweak this as needed. Legacy already kills some people for you even if they don't have death dates. If you have entered a birth date that puts them older than what you have set in Customize > Options > Data Entry > Option 2.3, Legacy will change them to deceased.

Option 2.3
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IntelliMurder goes a step further. If you have not entered a birth date Legacy will use the surrounding people and other information to determine if the person should be dead.

So why is this so important? If you do any sort of export and use privacy options to privatize living people you will end up privatizing people from the 1700s that weren't automatically marked as deceased. Also, if you add people to FamilySearch and they are dead but still marked as living no one can see these people except for you.

I run the IntelliMurder routine from time to time just for fun but I always run it before I do an export. I just ran it and Legacy killed 11 people in my file. For example, it killed off Carl Friedrich Gläntzer because he was married on 01 April 1777 and his kids were born in 1779, 1782, 1785, 1788 and 1791.

When you run the Advanced Set Living a Search List will be created listing everyone who was killed off so you can always double check.


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Michele Simmons Lewis, CG® is part of the Legacy Family Tree team at MyHeritage. She handles the enhancement suggestions that come in from our users as well as writing for Legacy News. You can usually find her hanging out on the Legacy User Group Facebook page answering questions and posting tips.


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Ha, enjoyed this one. The feature that automatically sets people as dead is a life-saver for me (sorry, not the best choice of words, but there you are). I routinely forget to check that detail, even though at this point I am dealing almost entirely with dead people, except for the occasional live cousin I run into along the way. I haven't tried the Intellimurder tool yet, but will give it a go one of these days just for fun. Not today. I'm having one of those days I kind of wish I could set advance dates for certain people. Though most of them are not on my tree.

The Legacy 9 is brilliant, I only upgraded a couple of weeks ago. The add ons from 7 to 9 is impressive and I have been using Legacy for many years. I spent the first week looking at possible errors flagged up. The minus point, of no consequence, is it flagged too long between births or too long before first child born and marriage of parents.

Very satisfied with the program and support

Go to Tools > Potential Problems. Click the GAPS tab. You can adjust the intervals here or you can turn them off.

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