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The new Pedigree View in your MyHeritage tree

For all of you (including me!) who hoped that someday the Pedigree View would arrive at MyHeritage - that day is finally here. No more endless scrolling or zooming in and out to navigate up and down your tree. Well, the Family View is still there if you really want it, but you're going to love the fresh new look and functionality of the Pedigree View. You'll find it in the upper right of your online tree:


Legacy or MyHeritage???

Although I'm referring to and loving the new Pedigree View in my MyHeritage online tree, don't worry, I'm still using my Legacy Family Tree software for my main tree (which has had a Pedigree View from the beginning, although it's no longer as "pretty" as the MyHeritage Pedigree View). And while I manually update both, I'm looking forward to the upcoming Sync tool between the two (optional of course).

I'm glad I have my tree in both places and had a great experience with it this last Saturday. My Dad called me and asked if I remembered the full name of one of his cousins (he just met another Rasmussen and wondered if they were related). I wasn't home so didn't have access to my Legacy files, but I did have the MyHeritage mobile app on my phone. I opened the  app, clicked on the Tree icon, and quickly navigated to and found his cousin. I was able to easily do this because I had my tree online at MyHeritage (in a private tree that only I have access to). So there's advantages to using both.

Learn more in this blog post by MyHeritage.



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