The Birth of MyHeritage and the Bright Future of Legacy
Legacy 101 - Entering Events

Compilation of Legacy 101 Articles

Compilation of Legacy 101Articles

The Legacy 101 articles provide you with an easy-to- learn resource as you get started with Legacy Family Tree software. The twenty-part series has been released weekly on the Legacy Family Tree Blog.  

Here you will find a compilation of all the posts for your convenience.

Legacy 101 Articles

  1. How to Find Help -
  2. The Different Views -
  3. Entering Locations -
  4. How to Enter a Person and His/Her Spouse -
  5. How to Enter a Child and Parents -
  6. Linking and Unlinking -
  7. Privacy -
  8. File Maintenance -
  9. Backing Up Your File -
  10. Sharing Your Data with Others -
  11. Reports -
  12. Charts -
  13. Data Entry Using the Name/Search List -
  14. FamilySearch -
  15. Master Lists -
  16. Source Citations -
  17. Customizing Legacy -
  18. Potential Problems -
  19. Help with your research: Hints, Research Guidance, Internet Searches -
  20. Entering Events -



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What do you mean by “bookmark “?
How do I find the blog you mentioned?

Geoff, thank you for being so considerate with all the Webinars, group questions and answers. I certainly appreciate the help you are to me. Sinces PAF was not being supported, I had to change and went to RootsMagic7 first and recently added Legacy as a sub for my backup PAF program.

I was using my old PAF database as a backup resource when deep in 12 different threads (little white lie) and just needed a fast answer. It was hard to break away from the old tried and true PAF program. But Moving up into a new modern program was a shot in the arm.

In the 1950's, there was no training for me as to how to PROCESS the research data found. I made lots of decisions that I regret now but it seemed right to me at the time.

Now I really pay attention to all the Webinars, Videos and how the new programs put the research into the programs.

Evidence Explained did not pop into my attention until about 5 years ago. It takes less time and is just as easy to do something right the first time. I am now mending my 60+ years of mistakes.

So, Geoff, sorry I do not catch the Webinars as they are presented. I have watch many of them later and really appreciate that option. When winter comes, I am hoping to catch up. By then, I may be accustomed to this awful new Windows 10 laptop with everthing different !!!!!!!! You better believe it is hard to learn new things when you get over 70yo. Thanks over and over.

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