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Free Legacy Family Tree update now available (version

We have another great new update for our Legacy Family Tree 9 users (free) for you to download. It's mostly a maintenance update which provides fixes to minor issues you have reported to us. It does not yet resolve the known issue with mapping. Thank you for your patience with that and please watch for a future update with that resolution. So download the update to get the best Legacy ever!

See the download instructions below for step-by-step instructions on installing this update. 

What's Been Fixed

View the May 21 release notes here. 

How to Update

For our Deluxe Edition users, all you have to do is connect to the Internet, start Legacy 9, and click on the "Install and Download Now" link on the Legacy Home tab. (If you're reading this from within the Legacy Home tab inside of Legacy 9, you'll first need to click on the Home button in the top left of the Legacy Home tab which looks like the following picture:

12-2-2013 9-36-15 AM

If you are a Standard Edition Legacy user, you will need to visit our website. Go to and follow the instructions.


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These directions are not very clear. Where is the 'Install and Download Now" link? Your image above even when made full size, is difficult to make out. No were on that image is a 'Install and Download Now" link.


Try this:

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