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Tuesday's Tip - Working With Addresses Part I (Intermediate)

Tuesday's Tip - Working With Addresses Part I (Intermediate)

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Working With Addresses Part I (Intermediate)

Before we get started with this 3 part series on entering addresses in Legacy, you need to know where to access all of the addresses you enter. Go to View > Master Lists > Address Lists and you will see the three categories of addresses.

Master Address Lists 1
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Once you choose a category and go to the main screen you can change to another list or you can view all of the lists at one time.

Master Address Lists 2
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There are a lot of options on the Master Address List screen for you to play with. I will let you explore those on your own.

There are several places to add addresses in Legacy and we will cover them all but in this first article I want to focus on the Individual Address (Mailing Address). This address is the one used in the Address Labels Report and the Name Tags Report. Address labels are normally used for living people (mass mailings) while Name Tags can be used for living people (name tags for a reunion) or deceased persons (labels for file folders). These addresses are also used as a simple address book to keep up with all of your researcher friends and cousin contacts. 

The address icon looks like a little house with a telephone next to it:

Address icon
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This is what you will see when you click on the icon for the first time. The person's name will be filled in First Last for the name of record and then for sorting purposes on the Master Address List it will be Last, First.

Address defaults
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And here is what it looks like after I have edited it.

Address filled in
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There are a few things I want you to notice. Decaf is married. I want his mailing labels to print with his wife on the same label so I have changed it to Decaf and Milk Coffee. I could have put Mr. and Mrs. Decaf Coffee. How you do this is totally up to you. Mailing Labels are more important to me than Name Tags but if Name Tags are more important to you, you might want to keep it with a single name. If so you will need to add an address for the wife too. You can use the Repeat button to fill out the address fields faster or you can select the address from the Address List, edit it, and save as a new address.

For the Sort String I have added his wife's name but you don't have to. You do want to keep it last name first so that when you are looking at the Master Address List it will sort properly. If you have chosen to do the addresses singly then this won't be a problem for you. If you have chosen to put married couples on a single address you will need to go back and make some adjustments if the person divorces, remarries, or they become a widow(er). 

Notice that I have checked the boxes for Newsletter and Christmas. If I send a family newsletter out to my relatives I can print the labels easily using this "tag." The same goes with sending out Christmas cards. You will see that you have a separate "Tag" down below and you can use that for any other group of people you want to create. You will see the option to limit to these tags on the reports.

You can see that there are many other things you can add; media, notes, phone number, web URL, etc.  I will let you explore those options on your own.

Now that I have finished editing, the icon is colored in showing that I have entered an address for this person.

Colored icon
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You can go to Reports > Other Reports to access both the Address Labels and the Name Tags Reports. They both have many formatting options so you will need to spend some time playing with them. You also have the option of printing a person's mailing address in some of the other reports as well. We will talk about that more in Part II of this series.

Working with Addresses Part II will cover event addresses to include two different ways to enter them. Part III will cover repository addresses and how they relate to your Sources and To-Do List.


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Michele Simmons Lewis, CG® is part of the Legacy Family Tree team at MyHeritage. She handles the enhancement suggestions that come in from our users as well as writing for Legacy News. You can usually find her hanging out on the Legacy User Group Facebook page answering questions and posting tips.


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