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Tuesday's Tip - Which Fields Have Sources? (Beginner)

TT - Which Fields Have Sources

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Which Fields Have Sources? (Beginner)

When you are looking at a person's Individual's Information screen it is easy to see which custom events have sources because there will be a source icon over on the right but what about the vital events at the top of the screen? You can tell Legacy to change the label color if that field has a source. I have mine set to turn red.

Which fields have sources
(click image to enlarge)


It is easy to change the color. I am going to change mine to purple. In the Family View go to Options > Change Colors.  You will see a pink dialog box pop up. Select Click here to change other user-interface colors.

Set Color Scheme dialog box
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The Set Interface Colors dialog box will pop up. Make sure you are on the Other Colors tab and then you will see the Sources: option. In the screenshot you can see that mine is still set to red.

Set Interface Colors dialog box
(click image to enlarge)


When I click the field next to Sources: I get a screen where I can choose a new color. Notice that there are Color Palettes over on the right if you want to design all your colors based on a certain theme.

Select a Color dialog box
(click image to enlarge)


Click Select this Color > Save > Close.  Now my label turns purple if I have a source. 

Individual's Information screen
(click image to enlarge)


I love jazzing up my colors in Legacy. Every so often I will completely change my colors. It takes some time to get everything just right so make sure that you save your work. Remember the pink dialog popup box? Click Options > Save the current color scheme and you will see two options. You can save this as your User-Defaults or you can save it for future use.

Saving a color scheme
(click image to enlarge)

You can save as many color schemes as you want and then flip flop back and forth between them. I will be doing a future article that goes more in depth with all of the different color options but I wanted to show you this one thing now that will make it easier for you to know which fields have sources attached to them.


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Is this an option in version 4.0?

In Legacy 4 it is automatic. Go to Options > Customize. Click RESET TO DEFAULTS. You will now see the fields with sources colored red. (You will have to go back and set any other settings you had changed)

Sounded like a good idea, but when I followed the steps and saved it (user-default), nothing changed.

Go ahead and send an email to [email protected] and we will try and figure it out :)

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