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Missed MyHeritage LIVE 2018? All 24 classes now available to view at for free


As you read here, here, here, here, here, and here, MyHeritage Live 2018 in Oslo was an incredible event! If you weren't one of the 400 in-person attendees or one of the 60,000+ live stream viewers, you can now view all 24 classes at for FREE

Here's the list of classes:

Keynote Session

DNA Track

Genealogy Track

Visit to watch.


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Thanks for the reminder that these are available through our membership and link here. I was going to buy another subscription on the Black Friday sale to one of the sites, but felt the extra money so close to Christmas was best not spent on myself. Now I am glad that I did not do it, as I already have access to much of the information that I was going to get. I love the Webinars offered through Legacy.

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