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MyHeritage LIVE 2018 - Day 2

I began day 2 of MyHeritage Live 2018 (see day 1's post here) by taking an early morning stroll through Oslo's parks. It was so quiet and peaceful - and then the church bells began to ring and filled the town. I could get used to this place.


After attending Thomas MacEntee's class "Newspaper Research Strategies Using MyHeritage," Professor Yaniv Erlich's class, "Genetic Insights From a Huge Collaborative Family Tree," and eating a delicious lunch, I got to address the conference with my class, "Using MyHeritage and Learning from" I shared my 6 favorite things about MyHeritage (which included both Legacy and our webinar series!) and it seemed to be received well.

My Heritage  Olso-591

Speaking of favorite things - my favorite quote from the conference was made by Aaron Godfrey (VP Marketing) who quoted Gilad Japhet (CEO) as saying, "Here at MyHeritage we want to do well. But we also want to do good."

IMG-20181104-WA0062 (1)

This feeling about doing good seemed to summarize the entire conference. The 401 in-person attendees from 28 countries left Oslo feeling good. Good about what they learned. Good about how the conference was organized. Good about how family history brings us together.

More than 60,000 viewers from around the world also checked in. If you missed it, the recordings of the live streams are still available on the MyHeritage Facebook page and will be available via our library soon.

While Oslo was beautiful (view from my hotel room)...I hope MyHeritage considers doing MyHeritage LIVE 2019 edition in, say, Honolulu next year? Where would you like to visit and mingle with other genealogists?



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I've sent off for My Heritage DNA kit I can't wait

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