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New "Member Friday" Webinar - Understanding Massachusetts Vital Records by Marian Pierre-Louis


New "Member Friday" Webinar - Understanding Massachusetts Vital Records by Marian Pierre-Louis

Every Friday we're pleased to offer Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers a new bonus webinar just for them!   This Friday enjoy "Understanding Massachusetts Vital Records" by Marian Pierre-Louis. If you're not a member, remember the webinar previews are always free.

Understanding Massachusetts Vital Records

Most people know that Massachusetts has rich vital records dating back to the 1600s. Making the most of Massachusetts vital records requires understanding the nuances of the records. We'll talk about original sources such as town records books as well as the many printed and database options. Learn how to use the "tan books," vital records from 1841 and all the other lesser known resources available. 

Understanding Massachusetts Vital Records by Marian Pierre-Louis



About the Presenter

Marian Pierre-LouisMarian Pierre-Louis is a House Historian and Genealogy Professional who focuses on New England research. She specializes in educational outreach through webinars, internet broadcasts and video. Marian is the host of the Genealogy Professional podcast, a show committed to helping genealogy professionals become better business people. Once a month you'll find her as the evening host of Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

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This Month's Top 10 Genealogy Webinars


We've tallied the numbers and made a list of the Top 10 classes for January 2019! Are your favorite topics or instructors among the list? Need something new to learn? Use the list to get inspired!

Each month thousands of Legacy Family Tree Webinar subscribers head for the library to learn new skills and techniques to help improve their genealogy research. Among the now-851 genealogy classes in the members-only library, these were the most frequently played during the month of January 2019.  They aren't necessarily the newest classes but rather the topics that were sought out by our members.

Have you seen any of these classes? Are these among your favorites too? Some of these classes (and topics) might be new to you! Get inspired to learn more and make your genealogy journey more fun!

The Top 10 for January 2019

1. Maintaining an Organized Computer by Cyndi Ingle

2. Using OneNote With Your Genealogy by Tessa Keough

3. Importance of Newspapers for family research by Daniel Horowitz

4. DNA Rights and Wrongs: The Ethical Side of Testing by Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL

5. Integrating old photos into your family history research by Maureen Taylor

6. Visualizing Information for Genealogists by Margaret R. Fortier, CG

7. Researching in Australian Archives by Helen Smith

8. You Can Do This: Photo Organizing and Preservation by Thomas MacEntee

9. Focused Research VS Information Overload by DearMYRTLE and Russ Worthington

10. What Would You Do If You Had Five Days in Washington, DC? by Pamela Boyer Sayre, CG, CGL

The Runner-Ups

11. Three DNA Tests = Three Times the Fun by Diahan Southard

12. Patriot or Not? Using the Genealogical Proof Standard on a Closed DAR Line by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL

13. A Nose for News: 20+ Tips for Getting the Most Out of Newspapers by Mary Kircher Roddy

14. Deciphering German Script by Gail Blankenau

15. Get set, GO! Planning and Executing a Successful Research Trip by Nicka Smith

16. Getting Started in Family History - 3 - Family Stories by Cheri Hudson Passey

17. Did I Get Everything? Creating a Checklist for Genealogy Research by Thomas MacEntee

18. Sources and Citations Made Simple, Standard, and Powerful by Geoff Rasmussen

19. Getting Started in Family History - 2 - Forms by Cheri Hudson Passey

20. Getting Started in Family History - 1- Home Sources by Cheri Hudson Passey

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