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Tuesday's Tip - Statistics Report (Beginner)

TT - Statistics Report

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Statistics Report (Beginner)

Legacy's Statistic's Report is a great way to see all kinds of interesting information in your file like who the oldest person was, which couple was married the longest, what is the most common given name, etc. However, you can also use the Statistics Report as an additional data error checker. You will see things here that the other built in error checkers won't pick up because of the nature of the problem. There are some things the other error checkers would pick up if you were entering your data, but if your data came in as a gedcom import, those errors were already made and Legacy won't readily see them (things like people being 256 years old).

To open this report, go to Reports > Statistics Report. This one is right on the Ribbon. You can also find it by going to Tools > Statistics, again, it is right on the Ribbon.

Here are two examples of errors:

Person is too old
(click image to enlarge)


Marriage is too long
(click image to enlarge)

This is a great double check for errors. It is easy to then open that person to see what is going on and fix the problem.


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When I tried my Statistics report it showed me a name for back in the 1500's. My family file does not go back that far, and a search for the name came up "not found". Any ideas?

The name will be in your file if it is showing up on the Statistics Report. If you have RIN numbers turned on, click the line and at the bottom you will see their name AND their RIN. Open the Name List and type in the RIN in the RIN box at the top to find the, in case you entered the name incorrectly (for example, backwards) and that is why you aren't finding them.

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