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Tuesday's Tip - Report Options Part II (Intermediate)

TT - Report Options Part II

Tuesday's Tips provide brief how-to's to help you learn to use the Legacy Family Tree software with new tricks and techniques.

Report Options Part II (Intermediate)

In Report Options Part I we went over some general information about reports and we covered the "tabs" of options. In this post we will cover the rest of the option screens.

We will use the Ancestor Book Report again as the example. Go to Reports > Ancestor Book and by now this screen will look familiar. This time though it will be the Report Options button we will be looking at.

Report Options
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When you click the Report Options button you will see a new screen. Notice that there are five tabs across the top and options on the right that do not change as you change tabs.

Main Report Options screen
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First let's take a look at the buttons over on the right. One of the most important buttons anywhere is the Privacy Options button. Before you create a report (or a web page, or export a gedcom) you need to check your Privacy Options. You have a lot of control with what gets printed (or exported) and what doesn't. Pay very close attention to these options. For more information about privacy in general, see Legacy 101 - Privacy.

Privacy Options
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The next button is the Page Setup. When that opens notice that there are three tabs here. Make sure that your settings here match what you have set in the Printer Options (explained in Part I).

Page Setup
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Headings and Page Numbering
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If you have Include Compiler... check marked on the Footers tab, the Edit Compiler button will become active. If you click it, you will be able to edit the compiler information.

Edit Compiler
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The last button on the right is the Report Fonts. This screen is pretty self-explanatory. This will override what you have set in the main options for report fonts (see Part I).

Report Fonts
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Now let's go over the five tabs at the top.  There are two things to notice on the Include tab. The little C buttons to the right will clear that section removing all of the check marks. The other is the Event Options button that will open another screen of options.

Include tab
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Event Options
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The Format tab also has a button you need to click to find yet another page of options. The Event Narrative Formatting controls how your events will be listed.

Format tab
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Event Narrative Formatting
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The Notes/Stories tab controls the options over the narrative portions (excluding events).

Notes/Stories tab
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The Sources tab gives you a lot of flexibility with how your sources appear in your reports with regard to placement and what information is included.

Sources tab
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Depending on what you have selected on the Pictures tab, as well as which report you are working with, you have two more buttons of options, Set Regular Picture Options and Set Source Picture Options. The two screens look the same.

Pictures tab
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Picture Options
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There are a couple of things I want to point out that are specific to the Chart Reports. Go to Reports > Family Group which will open the collection of chart reports. Notice that you can access all of the Chart Reports from here. These reports have some cool additional features. You have the ability to change languages and add color. You can also print blank reports for Family Group Reports and Pedigree Charts.

Chart Reports
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We have come to the end of our tour through all of the Report Options. The specialty reports will have completely different screens but you now know to click on every tab and button to make sure that you are seeing everything that is available. If you take the time to go through the available options your reports will be spectacular.



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I cannot click on blank line removal. How do I remove blank lines fron reports?

The ancestor book for my grandchildren is 240 pages long. When I preview it individual by individual before printing and find typos, needed additions, etc. in the general notes section, I have to go back to the family input location, make corrections in that general notes section, then rebuild the book again to preview it once more, a very lengthy process. Is there no easier way to edit and make corrections without having to constantly do this?

Unfortunately, when you are dealing with a report that is so long it takes a few seconds to load. There is a request in our tracking system for the programmers to consider implementing "break out" reports which means you have have your report open in one window and still work in Legacy in another and the updates are reflected immediately. I have added you to that request :)

I need more information (like which report specifically you are working with). Please send an email to [email protected] and a tech will help you get your report just like you want.

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